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THAT’S WHY MUMS DON’T GO TO ICELAND: ‘Woke’ Supermarket Faces BACKLASH After Partnering With The Sun

ICELAND melted it’s PR masterstroke after the frozen food giant partnered with Britain’s ‘most hated’ newspaper.

The frozen supermarket’s partnership with Greenpeace this Christmas against Palm Oil was hailed as a ‘PR Masterstroke’ and reportedly “Changed The Game” in TV Advertising (even though it was banned) but it seems they missed the beat… by partnering with… The Sun.

In a post on their Facebook page, the company proudly announced: “We’re OVERWHELMED by the amount of people who are supporting our #NoPalmOilChristmas!”

Adding: “If you’re cutting out palm oil this Christmas, grab a FREE pack of our No Palm Oil Luxury Mince Pies with a copy of The Sun!”

Unfortunately for ‘woke’ Iceland… all hell broke lose and the frozen giant received an avalanche of angry customers who lashed out over the partnership.

David Riley wrote: “Appreciate the offer and you have my full support but I would rather eat my own family than Buy the Sun. bet you don’t get many takers in Liverpool.”

Gavin Jones said: “The Sun? You having a giraffe ????. I’ll pop into store and buy some. The Sun is diabolical. PS well done for going palm oil free though”

George Brown summed up the situation perfectly writing: “Remember the 96… Unbelievable PR FAIL!!! The whole world was behind you and poof.in a single post.. Gone…”

Craig Hooper wrote: “Love the ad and your mince pies, but I’d rather pay double for them, than buy the Scum.

“Great work on the ad, but this is a VERY poor choice of “newspaper””

Joseph Waldron added: “I was considering shopping in Iceland following the whole Palm oil thing, but by partnering with The Sun ‘newspaper’, you have just lost me again….. ?”

Darren Lee wrote: “Your ethics have gone out of the window if you associate yourself with the lying rag that is The S*n.”

Jo Nathan: “Whilst I 100% support your stance on palm oil and love the attention you’re drawing to an incredibly serious issue , I wouldn’t use that toxic rag as kindling.”

Helen McCann said: “How can you do something so amazing and so awful in the same week? “The Sun” really? It’s like the marketing team who came up with the brilliant anti palm oil campaign went off to celebrate their success and left the right wing intern in charge! Out of all the publications you choose to associate with you pick one of the worst!”

What a terrible shame. Just goes to show Iceland was all about PR and the Dolla… they don’t give a rats ass about the animals.

Remember folks… big corporations use ‘woke’ messages to sell you stuff you really don’t need.


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