FAKING NEWS: Mainstream Figures FAIL in attempt to Smear #FreeTommy supporters

EDITORS NOTE: This Article Was Originally Published on 29th May 2018. 

THE UK’s mainstream media attempted to smear Tommy Robinson supporters Monday amid rising tensions following the arrest and jailing of Right-Wing Activist and Journalist, Tommy Robinson.

After days ignoring the story that led the storming of Downing Street’s gates, the British Establishment media tried to smear supporters of Tommy as “Knuckleheads” and “Far-Right” Racists.


The Daily Mail – a publication that has stoked racial tensions for decades felt the wrath of the monster they helped to create.

They called Tommy “The EDL’s Tommy Robinson” and called his supporters “Far-Right demonstrators” – angering hoards of their own readers who vowed to boycott the paper for branding them neo-nazis.

Tommy left the EDL in 2013 after it became racist and he could no longer control those elements.

Mr Robinson then joined Pediga and later left that organization to begin a career as a Journalist for Rebel Media before later going independent for Tommy Robinson Online.

Robinson has spoken at Oxford, where he received a rousing reception.

He has also published many books – “Enemy of The State” and “Mohammad’s Koran” he’s smarter than you think.


Daily Mail Online columnist and ITV’s Good Morning Britain presenter Piers Morgan, started a Twitter tirade against the masses angry at the imprisonment of a Political Activist and Journalist by branding all his supporters “Knuckleheads” and saying he knew what he was doing. All Whilst on Holiday in St Tropez… the elitist holiday hot spot. SHOCK HORROR: (He doesn’t speak for you, he’s part of the Establishment.)

Ironic really, after all, it was Piers Morgan who was fired as the Editor of the Daily Mirror in 2004 after he published false stories about British troops abusing Iraqi prisoners during the Iraq War.

He put British troops at risk whilst they were serving their country. That’s a traitor to Britain. (I think that’s a far worse crime than Tommy Robinson’s actions.)

He doubled down on his paper’s claims and said: “We Told The Truth” on the front page.

The paper was then forced to issue a public apology on the front page.

After that – He was unceremoniously fired by Trinity Mirror and removed from One Canada Square by security in 2004.

“Trinity Mirror boss summoned Morgan to a meeting and demanded he apologise for the fake photographs. Piers Morgan refused and he was asked to leave the building.”

“He got called down to the [head] office this afternoon and wasn’t even allowed back up to the 22nd floor to say goodbye to his staff,” said one insider. ” He was escorted out of the building by security.” – Guardian, 2004.


Tory stooge Guido Fawkes – a website that uses the name of a man who tried to blow up the Establishment – sided with the corrupt Establishment regime.

He got into a Twitter spat with former Breitbart London editor Raheem Kassam and was accused by Kassam of “Receiving backhanders of Tories.” after he called His and Tommy Robinson’s supporters “Knuckle-draggers.”

Sniff Sniff…

The cartoon and “Knuckle-dragging” comment led to Guido losing thousands of followers within hours.


The Guardian’s Jim Waterson called Politicalite (A site ran by a mixed race guy) a “Weird Internet Racist troll” for asking why he and the Mainstream Media had ignored the Robinson story after the Guardian journalist posted several biased Tweets about Robinson.

He later deleted the tweet, but screenshots never lie. Unfortunately for the old media, their fake news reign of terror is coming to an end.

If you want free news that has your interests at heart – support an independent website whether it be left-wing, right-wing or a bloody arse ring – show the old-media the door.

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