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UNDERCOVER: New York Times caught admitting its fake news agenda

AMERICA’S Leading high-brow newspaper has again been embroiled in a bias row after undercover reporter, James O’Keefe and his American Pravda series exposed a leading editor’s liberal bias.

Following last weeks expose of YouTube and the New York Times, this instalment moves to London and shows New York Times Senior Home Page Editor, Des Shoe, admitting that the company has a culture of blatant bias and admitted that the NYT is “widely understood to be liberal-leaning.”

She spoke of New York Times journalists and said: “if we write about him [Trump], and how insanely crazy he is…maybe people will read it and be like…we shouldn’t vote for him.”

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In the expose, she calls Trump an “oblivious idiot” and Pence “f***ig horrible” Because of Religious Views.

She also admits that the New York Times reports on “what the readers want” and says that since Trump became President, their subscribers have skyrocketed “They call it the Trump bump” she said.

Shoe said that the “Main objective is to grab subscribers. You do that any way that you can.”

When confronted with the notion that during the election, The Times’ front page, for which she is responsible, was completely focused around Trump. She tells the undercover journalist that NYT reporters tried to influence the election with their reporting:

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“I think one of the things that maybe journalists were thinking about is like…Oh, if we write about him, about how insanely crazy he is and how ludicrous his policies are, then maybe people will read it and be like, oh wow, we shouldn’t vote for him.”
She admits that the New York Times has a clearly defined liberal-leaning bias: “The New York Times is not…I mean, it’s widely understood to be liberal-leaning. But, American newspapers are not supposed to claim a bias, they’re supposed to be objective.”

“So the…ahh, but the New York Times is not left?” the Project Veritas journalist asked. Shoe clarified, “I’m not saying that they’re not. I’m saying it’s widely, widely understood to be left-leaning.”

She also tells the undercover journalist that reporting objectively is simply too difficult for the Times: “Our main stories are supposed to be objective. It’s very difficult in this day and age to do that.”

Shoe blames the business model for the New York Times’ lack of fact-based reporting:

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“This is what I was trying to say is like the last couple years it’s changed for the bad…”

“I think the business model itself is just… there’s so much panic about what to do that, you know, what else is a company supposed to do?

The New York Times responded to last weeks New York Times expose where a junior staffer Nick Dudich was exposed for his bias and even lied about being the godson of former FBI director, Nick Comey, The NYT called Nick Dudich “a recent hire in a junior position.” Later on, Executive Editor of the NYT, Dean Baquet described Dudich as “a kid…who just started his career in journalism.”

The same cannot be said for Shoe, who has a senior-level employee who has been with The Times since January of 2009.

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