WHAT A CONUNDRUM! Rachel Riley Calls Out TROLLS On Same Front Page As SICK Sun Stokes Front Page

ANTI-Free press campaigner and Countdown host Rachel Riley has been exposed for the dumb blonde she is after ‘calling out’ the so-called trolls of Britain’s booming alt-media scene by appearing on the front page of The Sun – on the day Britain turned against the paper.

The countries biggest tabloid newspaper was slammed after a story involving English cricket hero Ben Stokes – and above the scoop was Rachel Riley – complaining about online trolls.

It seems Riley did not have any issue with being featured on the front page of a paper that had just outraged Britain with it’s vile and nasty harassment and invasion of privacy of one of Britain’s biggest sporting stars.

The jumped up poster girl of Countdown – who only won her place on the sleepy Channel 4 show for being a busty blonde with decent pair of ‘t*ts and legs’ said that her baby had ‘stopped moving’ due to the stress of vicious anti-Semitic trolling (A.K.A. Folks who report don’t believe the MSM narrative) – despite the star going after sites like Politicalite, Rebel Media and Westmonster that actually CALL OUT far-left anti-Jewish hate.

DUMB BLONDE: Rachel Was Only Hired For Her Looks…

Rachel has helped defund working-class sites like ours – leaving the parents of children to WORRY and FEAR about how they were going to feed there loved ones – thanks to her political posturing that had no factual basis.

Riley worked with ‘Stop Funding Fake News’ to defund sites like Rebel Media – ran by Jewish bloke Ezra Levant – and sited like right-wing Westmonster and the Dorset Eye.


The paper – who infamously lost millions of readers in Liverpool over coverage of the 1989 Hillsborough Disaster faced accusations of ‘gutter journalism’ over the scoop that revealed a very private tragedy in Stokes private family life – Politicalite has chosen not to go delve into the story out of respect for stokes’ privacy.

The paper – that is still Britain’s most-read daily – was branded “utterly disgusting” by England all-rounder Stokes who condemned the front-page splash that reported on a highly personal and distressing family tragedy that happened more than three decades ago.

The player accused the Murdoch owned paper of publishing “extremely painful, sensitive and personal details” about his family that would have “grave and lifelong consequences” for his loved ones.

In a statement on Twitter, Stokes said the paper was “chasing sales” regardless of the emotional impact on his family.

photographs and posed for pictures.

“The tragedy is also a matter of public record and was the subject of extensive front-page publicity in New Zealand at the time.

“The Sun has huge admiration for Ben Stokes and we were delighted to celebrate his sporting heroics this summer. He was contacted prior to publication and at no stage did he or his representatives ask us not to publish the story.”


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