URBAN BIAS: Boris Media Boss Attacks BBC’s Bias

BORIS Johnson’s minister for the media has slammed the BBC in an ‘opening torpedo’ branding the corporations news output worse than pro-Remain Sky News. 

Oliver Dowden said the BBC does not reflect the UK: “If we’re honest, some of our biggest institutions missed, or were slow to pick up, key political and social trends in recent years.”

Politicalite has attacked the BBC in the past for its pro-Remain bias that fails to represent Brexiteers who backed Boris in the last election.  

He added: “Recent Ofcom research shows the perception of news impartiality is currently lower for some public service broadcasting channels than commercial channels like Sky and CNN.”

“Ultimately, if people don’t perceive impartiality, then they won’t believe what they see and read and they’ll feel it is not relevant to them.”

“In an age of fake news and self reinforcing algorithms, the need for genuine impartiality is greater than ever.”

“The BBC needs to be closer to, and understand the perspectives of, the whole of the United Kingdom and avoid providing a narrow urban outlook.” said Dowden. 

“By this, I don’t just mean getting authentic and diverse voices on and off screen – although this is important.

“But also making sure there is genuine diversity of thought and experience.” 

“And this matters because if you don’t have that, you miss what’s important to people and you seem distant and disengaged.”


DIGITAL, Culture, Media and Sport boss Dowden also said that the national broadcaster provides a “narrow urban outlook.”

The corporation was recently slammed after its Noughts and Crosses  programme provided “an alternative history in which African people had gained a technological and organisational advantage over the European people, rather than the other way around.”

Summit News reported that the programme, that stars rapper Stormzy featured “White characters” who are “subservient” and serve “black characters” with “white characters having their names mispronounced and band aids are all brown colored.”

“At this point why don’t Netflix and the BBC and all the other leftist media outlets simply make a film or series called ” we hate white people”. It would be so much more honest,” one person commented on YouTube.


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