WHAT ABOUT BRITAIN? ITV News SLAMMED After Airing ‘EU Propaganda’ on Plight of Dutch Fishermen

FRESH from a row over the firing of legendary news anchor Alistair Stewart last week, ITV News found new controversy after the pro-Remain news programme seemed to back the EU by reporting on the plight of Dutch fishermen.

Despite British fishermen being stuck with a terrible deal over fishing rights since the UK joined the EU, the channel found it important to get the message across that Britain’s departure from the EU would affect a foreign countries fish halls.

WATCH: ITV Reports on Plight of DUTCH Fishermen

ITV’s News’ Rupert Evelyn later tweeted out a quote from a Dutch fisherman who said: “Boris think about the Dutch, think about our families, it’s not a game we are talking about people” I’ve been to the Netherlands and met worried fishermen who catch 95% of their fish in UK waters.⁦”

Yes, really.

Out of touch ITV News thought that Boris and the Brits needed to know how the Dutch were scavaging on British waters making life much harder for British fishermen.

The report and its reporter was widely slammed on social media.

Working-class Vote Leave campaigner Darren Grimes slammed ITV for putting the plight of Dutchmen before Brits.

He said: “ITV News has done an entire segment on how awful the UK becoming an independent coastal state will be for the foreign fisherman that have fished in our waters “for decades”. I cannot be alone in wondering where their concern for the UK’s marginalised fishermen is in this piece?”

He’s wasn’t alone.

Tracy Ann Lilly replied to the ITV News’ reporter Ruwho filed the report adding: “Read what you just said & realise what an utter idiot you are. You say it yourself.. it’s British fishing waters. Plundered by the greedy Dutch… as you clearly point out.”

Another said: “London media elite who have ignored and vilified British fishermen for decades suddenly cares about fishermen as long as they’re not British.”

June Mummery wrote: “when are you going to report on the devastation of the UK fishing, the Dutch have abused our waters for years with Electric Fishing, Super Trawlers pure and utter greed.The alarming thing is not what they have caught its what they have killed, @itvnews shame on you.”

Another said: “All the UK news channels are the same. Not one of them supports the UK & its people.”

Whilst one viewer slammed Evelyn and wrote: “I just couldn’t believe @rupertevelyn his audacity doing that report was truly sickening. Do they even bother about people in THIS Country? EU fishing decimated our fishing industry, destroyed families and businesses”

Paul said: “What about the fisherman’s familys over hete they’ve suffered for years and you didnt care. Sorry its harsh but its reality, blame the eu its there mistake for trying to bully us.”

The recent row with Alistar Stewart that has seen over 80k Brits back the legendary Broadcaster after he was forced out of woke ITV, Tom Bradby’s Remain Extravaganza on Brexit night and this seemingly anti-British report, show how much ITV News has blown its status of Britain’s most trusted news provider… a just a month.

In December 2019 the network was branded ‘more trusted than BBC News’ among Brits after it was praised for the impartiality and accuracy of its news coverage.

The survey by Savanta ComRes revealed that 73 percent of Brits backed ITV compared to 69 percent of people said they trusted the BBC.

Well done, ITV.

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