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EXCLUSIVE: Melanie Shaw BANNED From Talking About Alleged CHILD MURDER

THE CARERS of Political prisoner Melanie Shaw – who exposed a pedophile ring operating in a care home – have banned her from speaking to Politicalite about her sinister claims that a child lays buried on the care home’s grounds. Melanie’s previous claims relating to child sex abuse were eventually proven to be true. 

An inquiry into Beechwood Community House, Nottingham, began in 2011, with six people coming forward initially. But police are now talking to no less than 56 people who say they were abused at the home, described by the BBC as the ‘Home of Hell’. The investigation, named Operation Daybreak, was also been widened to include four other homes. The claims of physical or sexual abuse date from 1973 to 2000. Melanie Shaw is one of the victims.

Melanie Shaw.

The investigation, thanks to the braveness of former child residents like Shaw who came forward, led to the successful convictions and imprisonment of several former staff members of the home, including Andris Logins, who became the first person to be charged and thrown into jail over the abuse.

PAEDOPHILE: Andris Logins.

Whistleblower Melanie, who has been brutally abused by the UK court system, was one of the first to report the abuse and murder of children at Beechwood Children’s’ Home. However, upon implicating leading politicians, including members of the house of Lords, in the vile child abuse case, Melanie found herself suddenly arrested, sentenced by a secret court on ominous charges, and forced to spend the majority of a two-year stint in prison in solitary confinement. 

Joni Cameron-Blair, another victim who spoke-out about her abuse at the home.

Melanie was refused any contact with the outside world – particularly with the media. However, upon noticing that she had been suspiciously moved from Peterborough HMP to a mental institution the second her prison sentence had ended, and following some digging, Politicalite Editor, Jay Beecher, discovered that legally, now, Melanie has the right to correspond with the press and the outside world. 

Beechwood Children’s Home, Nottinghamshire, described by the BBC as the ‘Home of Hell’.

This right, however, has been denied her, Politicalite can exclusively reveal. Upon investigating one of Melanie’s claims that involved a detailed account of the murder of a child on the grounds of Beechwood, and the subsequent alleged burial of the sexually-abused child on those same grounds, we wrote to Melanie offering our support and asking her specific questions in relation to her claim, so that Politicalite can carry-out an in-depth investigation.

Another victim, James Cleverly, who came forward about abuse at the home.

These questions included a map of the Beechwood grounds and a request for Melanie to circle the location that she believes contains the body of a small child whom she alleges was molested and then murdered after threatening to alert the authorities of her ordeal. Yet – in contravention of her legal rights detailed in the Mental Health Act – shortly after sending the letter, we received the following reply from Rampton Hospital, Retford, Nottinghamshire, on NHS letter-headed paper:

“You recently addressed a letter to Melanie Shaw. This was opened and the contents inspected pursuant to the provisions in the Mental Health Act 1983 (Amended 2007). The letter and its contents have been withheld by the Hospital Managers in the exercise of their powers under the Mental Health Act. Because, in their opinion it was necessary to do so in the interest of the safety of the patient.”

Beechwood Children’s Home in recent years; now privately-owned by a family.

The Mental Health Act sets out the rights that patients have once they are sectioned. This includes being able to ‘correspond with your solicitor and other people and to have visitors’.

Our letter to Melanie also happened to offer to visit her in the hospital (I had previously applied to visit her in Peterborough prison but was denied by the prison’s officials). We also offered to call her. But Melanie did not see this letter because the managers at the hospital made sure that she didn’t. 

The letter from Rampton Hospital.

In light of the seriousness of Melanie’s claim of a child’s murder and burial, the fact that she has previously been proven to have told the truth about historical child abuse at Beechwood, and the concerning possibility of a child’s body being buried on the site and a child-killer left unpunished – a possibility that MUST be investigated and either proven true or false, this is certainly something that I won’t be simply giving up on. 

Something is amiss here. Wrong, even – very wrong. 

We have now written a formal complaint to the CQC – an independent commission that handles appeals over mental health-related decisions, appealing the decision to further silence Melanie Shaw – a woman who has been silenced for far too long. 

Politicalite will also be launching a full investigation into the case, including interviewing other victims, the police, local authorities, and seeking to visit the site and, if relevant- and with permission, commission a GPR scan of the grounds. We will provide regular updates as the story develops. If you have any information, please get in touch: jaybeecher@live.co.uk or politicalitenews@gmail.com Also, if you’d like to donate to the investigation, travel expenses, and legal fund pot, no matter how small, please do so through this page. Thank you.

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