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Article 13

ARE EU CRAZY! The EU plans to BAN memes and it will DESTROY the internet as we know it

FOR centuries, we just had newspapers owned by rich businesses. Then the BBC owned by the government. Just like in the movie the Matrix, they controlled what we see and think. Then along came the Internet! An open forum, where people can share what they think. Memes. Rightwing articles, blogging. Videos. Brexit vote. Trump wins. Now the globalists are striking back!

EU’s Legislative Committee voted to adopt two controversial new rules – known as Article 11 and Article 13 of the EU Copyright Directive – kill the Internet as we know it.

Until now, the so-called Ecommerce Directive has given online platforms broad protection from being subject to copyright penalties when they simply acted as a conduit for user uploads. So if you upload something that is copyrighted, like if you take an image off Google and stick it on Facebook, it’s not their fault. Now, they will be liable. Hence automated systems will delete anything that is copyrighted.

As we see all the time, algorithms by the richest companies in the world are terrible at doing their jobs. This week, we saw YouTube blocking educational videos from MIT and the Blender Foundation because they were erroneously flagged by its piracy filters. In the past, we’ve seen bullshit piracy claims over white noise and birds chirping.

Why are they doing this? Aside from the potential of individual countries in the EU to decide what is and isn’t news, copyright claims could be used to suppress material for political purposes. If they don’t like a story, it’s no issue to submit a bogus copyright claim.

Users will find that their contributions—including video, audio, text, and even source code—will be monitored and potentially blocked if the automated system detects what it believes to be a copyright infringement. This is going to kill web development! Engineers usually take others’ code and improve on it. That’s how we advance as a society! Innovation!

There is no way for an automated system to reliably determine when the use of a copyright work falls within a copyright limitation or exception under European law, such as quotation or parody.

For example, the “take my money” meme uses an image of Fry from Futurama. He is the copyright of artist Matt Groening. This is legal because it is parody, but no filter will realise. Any “take my money” memes will be DELETED. This is MENTAL!

No “fair use” clause means you’ll have to go shoot your own photo to caption and make it clear that anyone is allowed to further caption it in the pursuit of creating a meme.

Internet big guys are objecting. Jimmy Wales (Wikipedia), Mitchell Baker (Mozilla), Brewster Kahle (Internet Archive) and Tim Berners-Lee (the whole freakin’ WW flippin’ W).

“By requiring Internet platforms to perform automatic filtering all of the content that their users upload, Article 13 takes an unprecedented step towards the transformation of the Internet, from an open platform for sharing and innovation, into a tool for the automated surveillance and control of its users.”

The EU is trying to force many more companies to deputise a bunch of sleuths, human and algorithmic, expand this shadow surveillance state that monitors everything we post on these platforms.

It’s thought that many sites will move outside the EU to comply. RedPill Factory is considering relocating our servers to some cave deep in the Siberian mountains!

Article 11 has been variously called the link tax or the snippet tax. Basically, you will have to pay to link to another website. Yes, to share a news article from another website. That thing you do every day on Facebook!

This is being done to stop major alernative forces such as Politicalite, The Red Pill Factory/MBGA News, Kipper Central and UKIP Daily from sharing true news, because we are all meant to be quiet and swallow whatever shit the BBC pumps out!

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