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EXCLUSIVE: Tackle Youth Mental Health in Schools To Fix Crisis says BENNY JAMES



MENTAL Health should be a regular subject in British schools and colleges to tackle the crisis among young people, a leading Mental Health Influencer has told Politicalite. 

The idea comes amid a record rise in youth referrals on the NHS after the Covid-19 pandemic that has isolated young people when they need social development most. 

New analysis by the Royal College of Psychiatrists shows that nearly 200,000 young people have sought referrals to mental health services in the past three-months alone – almost double pre-pandemic levels.

The issue is also personal Benny, who lost his older brother to suicide in September 2009, speaking exclusively to Politicalite he said that more needed to be done to stop the “devastating effects” of Suicide that sends shockwaves across families and friends and often leads to further mental health issues. 

“I honestly feel that Mental Health Education is more important than Sex Education, Kids need to know the effects it can have.” 

Benny also suggested that Mental Health in schools could also cut down on bullying if kids understand the effects it can have on someone in later life.

:If kids can understand that someone can suffer mentally and not just physically from bullying even when they become a adult, they might think twice.” 

Benny’s Older Brother

“So many adults suffer from mental health issues from stuff that’s happened to them as kids and in school, it’s amazing that so many people are speaking out and raising awareness these days especially for men’s Mental Health, yet the government are still not trying to educate this to kids.”

“The pressure kids get from doing exams, first relationships, Parents on their case and social groups – this can all add to anxiety when you start to grow up”

“It’s, even more, worse now that the young generation looks up to social media stars online living their best life, fancy lifestyle, expensive clothes, the standards for young people to act and be a certain way is so high, and if they can’t have the life right away they gonna slip in to depression.” 

“We all know there are charities out there they do a great job helping youngsters but maybe we can get the figures down by them being educated in schools and help them on their journey in life.” 

“With this pandemic, we’ve had you would think the government would be trying their best to help people struggling, it’s been hard enough for us adults let alone what these kids have been through.” 

Benny also spoke to Politicalite on World Suicide Prevention Day in 2019, where he called on Prime Minister Boris Johnson to “do more” to tackle the rising timebomb of mental Health in Britain. 


“The suicide rate isn’t getting any lower and I know some places where the waiting list to see a counsellor is around 6 months.. SIX MONTHS… for me that’s an absolute joke, how many people do you think would commit suicide in that period?” asked Benny. 


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