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LOCKDOWN & CHILL! Benny James Launches #CoronaHealth To Support Young Amid Coronavirus



ISOLATION and Mental health effects go hand in hand – and Britain is facing a looming Mental Health crisis not seen since World War Two – and this time we can’t just be told to ‘get on with it’ and a social media star has launched a ‘#CoronaHealth’ social campaign to help get Britain talking. 

Benny James, a social media star and Mental Health campaigner, has highlighted his battle with depression and anxiety via Politicalite in the past. 

Last year, he spoke to Politicalite on World Suicide Prevention Day, and said: “I wanted to use this day to speak about how the NHS really needs to up its game and get more help for people suffering from mental health issues.”

The issue is also very personal of Benny, who lost his older brother to suicide nine years ago. 


Coronavirus has forced the Tories to beef up Welfare now the Middle Classes are jobless and the Economy is in free-fall… they must also protect us all and our Mental Health. 

Benny, who warned younger ‘sesh-loving’ Brits to ‘Stay Home’ to protect lives also called for more action on Mental Health. 


Benny says more needs to be put in place for people suffering with mental health right now. 

“It’s bad enough that we don’t have a lot of help suffering with mental health day to day. But at this horrible time the government wanna turn round and say the way they are playing it is to not put to much stress on people that suffer. But why haven’t they put anything in place to help people.”

“A young girl has already taken her own life as she couldn’t cope with all the stress and how many more will do the same?”


The Sun revealed last week that a young girl called Emily, from Kings Lynn, Norfolk, had warned loved ones days before the tragedy: “More people will die from suicide during this than the virus itself”.

Her family said the teen was concerned about coronavirus and the “mental health impacts of isolation

Benny said: “I’m starting a campaign called #CoronaHealth where everyone can use it to contact and speak to anyone else struggling on there own right now.”

“We are all in this together and will get through it.. Look how we come together for the NHS last night we can do this for anyone suffering with mental health. It’s okay not to be okay.” 


Speaking to Politicalite Benny said: “It’s says it’s only going to get worse for the younger generation if they don’t take it serious.” 


“People going round friends houses to have a social gathering or a party.” 

“Why do you think we are building new hospitals and morgues.” 

“This ain’t not joke. Our own prime minister has now got Cornovious – doesn’t that say something?” said bennt. 

“It’s funny how all our generation are addicted to Social media but yet you don’t wanna use it and leave your house for stupid reasons.” 

“Go to the shop or get some exercise and that’s it.” said Benny. 


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