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UP YOUR GAME: Benny James Calls On Boris To ‘Fix’ Mental Health Care 



SOCIAL Media star Benny James has urged Prime Minister Boris Johnson to ‘up his game’ over NHS Mental Health Care. 

Benny spoke to Politicalite on World Suicide Prevention Day, he said: “I wanted to use this day to speak about how the NHS really needs to up its game and get more help for people suffering from mental health issues.”

The issue is also very personal of Benny, who lost his older brother to suicide nine years ago this week. 

Ben added: “The suicide rate isn’t getting any lower and I know some places where the waiting list to see a councillor is around 6 months.. SIX MONTHS… for me that’s an absolute joke, how many people do you think would commit suicide in that period of time?” asked Benny. 


“I’ve been to doctors myself with my own battles with anxiety and they are just so quick to put you on Antidepressants and send you on your way without any real support.” 

Benny Appeared On Channel 5 News Last Year to Speak About Mental Health

“Talking to someone and having them there to listen is one of the biggest reliefs when battling with mental health issues… I don’t get why these via the NHS can’t understand this?” 

“Why do I want to be addicted to a drug to try and cure what I’m going through when all I want to do is talk and not feel alone.”

“Another thing the government need to do is get more support in schools so kids understand Mental Health.” 

“The younger generation should be able to understand what the downfalls and effects of suffering can do to them when growing up.” 

“The amount of adults I speak to from campaigning for mental health is all due to their childhood, being abused, bullied or even the stress of not hitting the grades that they wanted to achieve.” 


“A lot more is needed for Men’s Mental Health as the stigma of “your not a man” if you speak about your feelings is still ongoing when the Manliest thing you can do is speak out and not feel embarrassed, no lads should have to battle on their own because of a stigma.” 

Benny also urged anyone that is suffering right now to seek help and reiterated that “It’s okay not to be okay”.

“Please speak about your feelings and mental health there charity’s online and helplines, speak to your friends and family don’t ever feel embarrassed.” 




If you’re experiencing a personal crisis, are unable to cope and need support you can get REAL TIME IMMEDIATE help, simply text SHOUT to 85258 for FREE 24/7 across the UK. 




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