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HEADS IN THE BORDER SAND: Reporting Facts on Illegal Migrants is ‘Far-Right’, Says BBC

REPORTING on working-class concerns over the illegal Migrant Crisis in the UK has been branded ‘far-right’ by the BBC and other mainstream outlets.

Despite locals in Kent being swamped by thousands of illegal migrants, who are being housed at the expense of the Taxpayer – concerns over the influx is ‘far-right misinformation’.

The smear came following numerous reports on social media, particularly Steve Laws relating to the Napier barracks in which Migrants have flouted curfews, whilst the rest of Britain has tough COVID restrictions thrust upon them.

Laws, 29 who has been exposing the shocking facts about Illegal Migration and the life of luxury the unauthorised foreign guests enjoy, whilst thousands suffer due to the COVID-19 pandemic is now ‘far-right’ for reporting the facts the BBC refuse to report on.

Kent locals have raised concerns over the migrants being housed in the Napier barracks, but the mainstream media branded reports about the influx and accommodation facts as “far right influencers” spreading misinformation on social media.

All those staying at Napier Barracks will be single males, the meeting heard, an update on previous suggestions that families would also be housed there.

Nick Wilkinson, Prevent and Channel strategic manager for Kent County Council, raised concerns over “far right influencers”.

He told the meeting: “We have all identified this afternoon, and we do understand, that asylum seekers are vulnerable people, and I personally find it continually frustrating to see the derogatory and hateful comments which are placed on social media.

“It’s important for us all to understand that far right influencers from areas outside of Folkestone and our local community are continually attempting to influence the views of you and our local community by placing comments on social media that are clearly prejudicial, biased and contain misinformation.”

Local MP Damian Collins said the situation with Napier Barracks has given him and others “a great deal of cause for concern”.

He said: “I do not support this decision, I don’t think this is a good idea, I don’t want it to happen.

“But if there is nothing we can do about that then I and the council and everyone else have to do everything we can to make a success of it.”

Closing the meeting, David Monk, leader of Folkestone and Hythe District Council, said: “We are a tolerant society, the people of Folkestone are nice people and I am sure it will work out all right in the end.”


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