ISIS INVASION: ‘Terror’ Refugees THROW I.D. Cards Into Sea Before Reaching UK

ISIS sleeper cells are feared to have entered the U.K. undetected amid the on-going migrant invasion in Dover, Politicalite can reveal.

Shock footage obtained by Politicalite show suspected illegal migrants throwing away I.D. cards and bank cards into the sea as they make their way to Britain.

The video claims to shows a suspected migrant throwing away dozens of I.D. cards and bank cards into the sea, meaning those on the boat entering Britain are not identifiable to police or security services.

The trick to evade terror watch lists could mean ISIS and Al Qaeda terrorists hellbent on bringing violence and carnage to British streets are sneaking into Britain via the backdoor.

Since 1 January 2020 a whopping 4,100 migrants have entered the UK illegally, meaning ‘hundreds’ of ISIS sleeper cells could have already entered the UK.

Just this morning independent reporters caught a group of middle-eastern looking men reaching the Kent coast and trying to run off from being captured.


There is a possible TERRORIST army invading Britain, and our Government is doing sweet f-all about it.

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