MOGG’S PEST CONTROL: Jacob Rees-Mogg tears Robert Peston apart after he claims Mogg is backed by Russian bots

GLOBALIST lackey Robert Peston claimed that Tory favourite Jacob Rees-Mogg was backed by Russian bots, but he was hastily torn-apart by the favourite to replace Theresa May.

Mr Rees-Mogg, who is the chair of the European Research Group was appearing on ITV’s Peston on Sunday when Peston claimed that Mogg’s twitter account @Jacob_Rees_Mogg was being promoted by Russian bots.

“There are odd accounts promoting you, have you looked to see if there may be any Russian Bots for example essentially promoting your tweets,” said Peston.

Jacob responded and said: “I have no idea, I would be very surprised, I can’t see why the Russians would want to promote me.”

Peston doubled down and said: “Basically sowing dissent by you know, they promote all sorts of people…”

“I just don’t know who looks at my Twitter feed” said Mogg.

He then said that “Russia was “a real threat to this country”

“We should take it extremely seriously and we should implement as tougher measures as we can possibly implement if it turns out that the Salisbury attack was masterminded by Russia” he added.

“It is simply outside the international order for a country to go around murdering people in another countries territory, as it was for them to have invaded Crimea.”

Mogg added that: “We cannot deal with a rogue state as if it was a normal state, so how many bots may be following me, promoting me, let me be quite clear, that Russia is a threat to our security, and we must respond Robustly.”


ROBERT Peston quickly moved on to other topics of interrogation after his attempt to link Mogg to Russia failed miserably, but its surprising that Mr Peston, who claims to be a “Fact obsessed hack,” would try to link Mogg to Russia – the Russian bot narrative was practically debunked a few weeks ago.

Last month, Twitter told a Fake news evidence session in Washington D.C. and attended by UK ministers that: “We can now update the committee that our broader investigation identified a very small number of suspected Internet Research Agency-linked Twitter accounts.”

“Forty-nine such accounts were active during the [Brexit] referendum campaign, which represents less than 0.005% of the total number of accounts that tweeted about the referendum.”

Did Robert fail to get that memo? Well, it wouldn’t be surprising he missed it, the self-proclaimed “fact-obsessed” political hack missed Brexit altogether.

When he was promoting his new book about Brexit, the ITV News hack admitted that he was in the Westminster bubble and said: ” I don’t appear to be living in same Britain as much of the rest of the country.”

He added: “I spend almost all my time with people like me – many of whom went to those posh public schools, people like us don’t appear to be living in same Britain as much of the rest of the country.”

Well, at least he got that one right.


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