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FAKE NEWS CENTRAL: Avi Yemini EXPOSES Jim Jefferies Attempt To ‘Link Him’ To Christchurch Attack



AUSSIE Firebomb Avi Yemini has exposed Comedy Central’s ‘Jim Jefferies Show’ after the programme attempted to edit the activist to brand him far-right and link him to the NZ Terror Attack. 

‘The Jim Jefferies Show’ is one of the biggest political comedy shows on Comedy Central in the United States and also Australia.

Avi said: “A few months ago I was contacted by Jim Jefferies producer to ask if I would be willing to come on his show.”

“Jim is one of the biggest names in media down under as well as in Hollywood, so the opportunity sounded great, but I set out some basic conditions.”


He told the show that he wouldn’t appear unless they promised not to feature him with Neo-Nazis and asked that they wouldn’t cut his answers from one question, and add it to another.

They did both.

So to protect himself against the Liberal Media Machine, Avi secretly recorded the entire interview – which lasted over an hour.

When the show was put out down under, they used just three minutes and tried to link Avi to the New Zealand terror attack, despite the interview taking place MONTHS ago.

The activist also exposed what Jim really thinks about Islam – and exposed the host mocking the Prophet Mohammad and drawing him as a ‘wobbly ghost’.


When Avi released the expose to the world via YouTube, Comedy Central and Jim Jefferies faced a backlash, The Jim Jefferies Show’s Instagram account decided to disable comments.

Watch the video above.

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