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EXCLUSIVE: Dannii Minogue “enjoys” competition with chart topping sister Kylie 

DANNII Minogue is enjoying being in competition with her sister Kylie Minogue – who is topping western charts with hit single Padam Padam.

The 51-year-old pop star released her single ‘We Could Be The One’ – the theme song to her hit reality series ‘I Kissed A Boy‘ – at the same time her sister Kylie,55, is enjoying a major comeback with her summer smash ‘Padam Padam’ and believes this is the first time two sisters have held the top positions on Spotify. 

She told last night:  “I think this is the first time. I’d love Spotify to tell us but we were number one and number two on Spotify. We’ve crossed paths on the UK chart before and we try to separate releases so we’re not bang on the same time but let me tell you ‘Padam Padam’ has gone – well I knew it would still be hanging around in the charts but I had to have my single release in line with the TV show. “

The ”Put the Needle on It’ hitmaker went on to add that she and her sister both called each other in surprise when they realised they were head-to-head- in the charts and described the onomatopoeic term Padam – which is meant to sound like a heartbeat – as the “coolest thing” because it has the power to go viral and has even been entered into the dictionary.

She said: “So there were a couple of weeks calling each other going ‘Oh my God, have you seen the charts?’ I hope you guys know that ‘Padam’ is now in the English dictionary.’s a verb, it’s a noun and it’s an adjective. It’s the coolest thing. Get a TikTok somwhere in London saying it because that will go viral!”

Padam Padam is out now and I Kissed A Boy is available to stream on BBC iPlayer.

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