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CRISIS OF LEADERSHIP: Farage Calls Out BoJo Over Covid Crisis

Nigel Farage, leader of Reform UK, has taken aim at Boris Johnson over his handling of the Covid-19. He described the pandemic as the “worst peacetime crisis” there has ever been in Britain or the rest of the world. 

Speaking in a ‘News Update’ posted to his Twitter feed, Farage attacked the Prime Ministers’ recent decision to self-isolate. He pointed out that since Johnson has already had Covid 19 and indeed “nearly died” he should be immune for “at least 6 months”. The decision followed a brief meeting with Ashfield MP Lee Anderson who has tested positive. Johnson, Farage said, is “in hiding” at a “crucial time for the well being of our country”, when he should be “leading from the front”.

Farage also attacked the Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby as a “leftist” who opposed Brexit. He argued that the Church of England provides “no spiritual leadership” for Britain and said the Church has “let the country down even worse than the politicians.”

Reform UK, formerly the Brexit Party, recently announced that it has had over 3,000 applications from people wanting to stand in local elections across the country set to take place next year. This highly personal attack on Boris Johnson by Farage certainly sets the stage for a bitter contest ahead.

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