RULE BY DIKTAT: Farage Takes Aim Growing State Power As He Warns ‘Big Battle Ahead’ To Restore Liberty

Nigel Farage, the leader of Reform UK, has taken aim at growing state power, allegedly aimed at stopping the spread of Covid 19, and warned it is turning “neighbour against neighbour and people against the police” in his latest video. 

In his latest video posted to Twitter, Mr Farage said he did not want to revisit the debate about whether lockdown is an effective tool to stop the spread of the virus but said he wanted to highlight issues that “concerned him  deeply”:

In particular, he highlighted what he called a “disturbing” video of police in Scotland threatening a mother and her daughter who had just been released from hospital after being seriously ill as an example of where the police were “going too far” which “seemingly is with the support of the Home Secretary”. He was referring to comments made earlier in the day by Home Secretary Priti Patel strongly in support of police action against alleged Covid rule-breakers.

He went onto talk about a bill currently passing through the House of Lords which would enable the recruitment of ‘child spies’ to report on any potential wrongdoing by parents and likened it to the approach taken by the Stasi in East Germany before the fall of the Berlin wall who actively encouraged children to report their parents for the activity of comments which opposed the Communist Party dictatorship in the country. The battle for people to take their civil liberties back, could he said, be bigger than the one he fought against the EU:

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