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North Korea

Kim Jong Un extends invitation to meet with President Trump

NORTH Korean leader Kim Jong Un has reportedly extended an invitation to meet with President Trump, a senior U.S. official has told Fox News and President Trump has accepted the invitation. 

The Associated Press reports that Mr Trump has said he will meet with North Korea’s Kim Jong Un by May and the White House has said: “[The] meeting between Trump and North Korean leader will be held ‘at a place and time to be determined’”

South Korea’s national security director had confirmed that President Donald Trump  will meet with North Korea’s Kim Jong Un “by May.”

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Chung Eui-yong spoke outside the White House after a day of briefings with senior U.S. officials, including Trump, on the recent inter-Korea talks. Chung says Trump said “he would meet Kim Jong Un by May to achieve permanent denuclearization” of the Korean peninsula.

Chung says Kim told the South Koreans he is “committed to denuclearization” and pledged that “North Korea will refrain from any further nuclear or missile tests.”

The meeting would be the first of its kind between a leader of North Korea and a sitting president of the United States. The two countries have been in a formal state of war since the Korean War in the 1950s.

Early this morning, Trump announced that South Korea would be making a “major statement” about North Korea.

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The president made the announcement, in his first-ever visit to the press briefing room, briefly popping his head into the room to update reporters.

Chung and other South Korean officials briefed the White House Thursday on a potential diplomatic opening with North Korea after a year of escalating tensions.

According to reports, a South Korean official received a message from North Korea intended for the United States.

The expected announcement comes after hours of consultations at the White House between administration officials and South Korean officials over recent talks with North Korea.

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The dialogue in North Korea concluded with an invitation to the U.S. to reopen direct talks with Pyongyang, saying it would suspend its nuclear tests during such talks.

Trump has expressed an openness to the invitation, saying, “We’ll see.”

The move would mark a major breakthrough in North Korean nuclear tensions.

This is a developing story.

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