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North Korea

DING JONG MERRILY DESTROYED: Britain has NO defence from incoming North Korean missiles

NORTH KOREAN missiles cannot be destroyed before impact according to a former Royal Navy commander who served in the Royal Navy for 41 years.

Kim Jong Un’s intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBMs), that could hit the mainland US and the UK were confirmed last week with the launch of his new Hwasong-15 rocket.

Commander Graham Edmonds, Vice Chairman of the UK National Defence Association, told The Daily Express that more investment is necessary to ensure the nation is adequately protected from a missile attack.

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Commander Edmonds said the UK does not have a “hard kill system” capable of blowing an incoming ICBM out of the sky as it approaches Britain.

He said: “The UK has signals intelligence and radar systems capable of detecting ballistic and cruise missiles, but no hard kill system that can shoot down ballistic missiles, and the only systems capable of dealing with cruise missiles are on warships.”

Defence Sec Gavin Williamson is pushing against cuts, and is trying to push Chancellor Philip Hammond into investing more into Britain’s armed forces.

While the UK has systems including Sea Viper, Sea Ceptor, Seawolf in place to defend UK interests from less powerful cruise missiles, Commander Edmonds has warned more work needs to be done to advance the nation’s missile defence capability and keep the UK safe from an ICBM assault.

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