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North Korea

EXCLUSIVE: Drugs, Guns and Crime Funding Kim Jong Un Dictatorship 

NORTH Korean leader Kim Jong Un is said to be funding his brutal dictatorship like a Mafia boss, Politicalite can reveal. 

A former South Korean National Security Ambassador told Politicalite that it could be compared to “The Godfather”. 

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un visits Russia in 2019 CREDIT: Yuri Smityuk\TASS via Getty Images

Supreme Leader Kim rose to power after his father, Kim Jong-il died in 2011, aged just 27. 

After becoming a World Leader, Kim was at a crossroads, either try to modernise North Korea and become a legitimate country on the world stage, or continue on a path of global crime. 

The West had hopes Mr Kim would ‘Westernise’ North Korea due to his education in Europe, but he decided to carry on his family’s ruthless criminal regime. 

This was due to fears of failure, if he modernised too fast, he risked losing his grip on power – like Mikhail Gorbachev, who attempted to modernise the communist USSR in the late 1980s. 

Kim has, to a limit – tried to modernise – introducing some capitalist policies and mass public entertainment for the North Korean people, but due to his Nuclear ambitions, the Supreme Leader is allegedly funding the regime via corruption, a global arms trade and the drugs trade. 

Doyle MP cites North Korea as reason for £100bn trident renewal | Clydebank  Post

His continued effort to become a nuclear state on par with the United States, Britain, France and Russia have led to sanctions being imposed on the hermit kingdom. 

Sanctions mean no country in the UN can trade with a North Korean company, or trade with it – killing its economy.

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Rather than the sanctions being a deterrent to the Kim dynasty – it has led them down a path of crime and corruption, even harming Westerners. 

He does this via a top-secret Government organisation called ‘Office 39’ – and it makes him billions. 

The New York Post claimed that Kim “smuggles narcotics, weapons and traffics people around the world in order to get around sanctions.” 

North Korean-made Clot Buster Drug Sold Illegally in South Korea — Radio  Free Asia

The office was set up by Kim’s father – Kim Jong-il in 1974. 

North Korean expert and former US Army Special Forces colonel David Maxwell told the New York Post: “Where do you think Kim gets his cognacs, Mercedes and Rolex watches?

“All the money to buy that stuff comes from Office 39.”

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Sean King, an Asia specialist at Park Strategies in New York, told the newspaper: “The Kims are like an organized crime family masquerading as the leaders of a country.”

He said North Korean embassies around the world are set up “like a multinational criminal enterprise”.


Chung Min Lee, a former South Korean National Security Ambassador told Politicalite: “If I would compare it to a movie, I’d say its Godfather 3.

Amb. Chung Min Lee on The Korea Society - YouTube

When Michael Corleone wants to become a legitimate businessman and head of a business conglomerate out from the shadows of the mafia regime that he inherited, but without a mafia state, the Kim regime would not function.” he added.  

The North Korean regime is said to be a huge criminal cartel.

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Guns, drugs, counterfeit cash and cybercrime bring in an estimated 2 billion dollars a year.  

“That’s his personal piggy bank and that is a way he keeps the regime sustained,” added Lee.