Nothern Ireland

NORTHERN IRELAND: Where’s The Justice For OUR Men?

DENNIS Hutchings, 77; a former member of the Life Guards regiment, is charged in relation to the death of John Pat Cunningham who was killed in Co Armagh in June 1974 during the Irish troubles.

Hutchings’ case is a clear case of abuse of justice as the incident was looked into after the fact and it was deemed that there was not enough evidence to charge him.

Dennis Hutchings.

In 2011 the case was reviewed once again and he was told that the matter was once again closed.
But in April 2016 after the files had been passed to Northern Ireland’s Public Prosecution Service, he was told he would be charged.

Hutchings served as a dedicated, upstanding and heroic soldier for 26 years; for all of those years – all 26 of them – he put his life on the line for you and I; only for him to be so betrayed by our politically-motivated government, is outrageous.

The double standards of this stink. 

We shall remember them.

The Good Friday agreement, signed in 1998, gave amnesty to the IRA terrorists in an apparent ‘peace’ treaty (I use the word ‘peace’ lightly, as, to this day, the ira are still on a killing spree in Northern Ireland).

I ask: Where is the peace for our veterans? Where is the peace for our soldiers that were sent into a battle and given strict orders and who can also be considered victims – due to the horrors they saw to serve the country they love, and to put food on the table of their families back home?Or the peace for the children who were being used as pawns by the IRA; hundred of innocents little boys and girls used as body shields to protect themselves?

They not only waged war on the British but also their own people. 

Where is the justice for our veterans? For the thousands of victims of the IRA? The justice for the 21 victims of the Birmingham bombings? The justice for the two young children killed in the Warrington bombs?

Vets standing for justice.

The double standards of our cowardly terrorist-appeasing government is not overlooked by the British public. We will stand with Dennis and we will stand with the other 29 veterans that are being investigated over the Irish troubles. 

Show them your gratitude and walk with them on the road to justice.

Never Forget.

Never Surrender.

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