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DAVID WINDER: Westminster Is No Longer Fit For Purpose

Credit: David Castor

I CANNOT be the only person who has come to realise that Parliament is full of people pursuing their own agendas and not representing the views of their electorate?

It is Parliament that has caused the unrest over Europe and I don’t care if you voted Leave or Remain in the EU Referendum, we can all surely agree that its Westminster and our politicians who are at the root of the unrest, uncertainty and rising levels of anger and frustration?

From the days of Ted Heath taking us into Europe and hiding information regarding the true intent of the European project, through to Blair, Major and Brown who once again disrespected the electorate by signing us up to things without asking the public.

Every single member of that House over the past +45yrs have been complicit in denying the reality of what they have signed us up to. Again, I don’t care if you agree with the direction we have taken or not.

The fact that we have not been consulted as to the true intent of this by successive Governments, Parliaments and MPs tells me that the system of governance that we have is not fit for purpose.

We live, or rather we are supposed to live in a democracy Our Parliament is supposed to represent not dictate and certainly not then lie about it for almost 50 years. I find that frankly appalling and it has rocked my entire faith in how this country is run and who is actually in charge.

The people are supposed to be Sovereign, yet once again our Lords and Masters have taken control and now make decisions based on what is right for them and their pockets as opposed to what we instruct.

I’m sick of it and I’m sick of the pretence and of people saying what can we do about it. Have we forgotten how to fight for things in this Country?

Have we really become so emasculated that we just shrug our shoulders and accept this, even though we can all see that it is broken.

If we all stopped fighting each other and turned in Union to face those who are causing the issues and preventing the cure because it suits their agenda, THEN we can make changes.

Do I want rid of Parliament? No.

Do I want a Parliament that represents? Yes.

The question is how we get it?

To start with, we all need to stop this fighting between invented divisions of left and right, white or minority.

As whilst we are fighting each other they are the ones pulling the strings with divide and rule.

I have my own political opinions, some of you may agree with them some of you may be appalled by them but then that isn’t the issue.

The issue should be that we are supposed to have a system in place where we can all have a say, we can all have an opinion and we then put it to a vote and accept the majority decision.

That represents democracy, but right now we do not have that in this Country and that saddens me above all.

We can fix it but it will take all of us to realise that firstly there is an issue, then all of us must come to realise that we have the same common interest, to have a fair democratic process where our views are respected and then acted upon.

Instead of the present situation where those corrupt few who inhabit the Palace of Westminster are running things according to their agenda and not to our instruction.

Since when does a vote for something binary means that we then seek a solution based on compromise? That is ridiculous and makes a complete mockery of asking the electorate in the first place.

A binary question evokes a binary response. Yet that House then seeks to find a compromise, completely undermining the whole point of asking the electorate a direct question in the first place and making an absolute mockery of the needless upset within our Country that this whole process has caused.

This is why Parliament is simply not fit for purpose, and why we need a Peoples Revolt in order to clean the fetid stench of corruption from within those hallowed halls as it has been corrupted to now merely pay lip service to the noble ideals of its birth.

If there is one thing that the EU Referendum has exposed more than anything else, it is that our current system of governance provides a facade of democracy only. Shouldn’t we be aiming for better and provide Clarity?

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