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Dr Niall McCrae: Britain and Pakistan should do an exchange: Asia Bibi for Theresa May

‘Hang her!’ demanded millions of men throughout the Islamic Republic of Pakistan. They are furious that Asia Bibi, a Christian mother of five children, has not been executed, following her death sentence for blasphemy.

The Pakistani authorities seem to have relented to international concern. The army has been sent in to keep order, although this has not stopped protestors from dragging infidels from their cars and meting out punishment for one person’s accidental slight to Allah.

If anyone is a good case for asylum, it is Asia Bibi. Italy has offered to take her from the reluctant Pakistani government. Why hasn’t Britain done likewise? ‘Refugees welcome’, assert the placards of liberal campaigners. Surely here is a compelling cause for refuge, and a vociferous rally? In the rising tide of feminism, has a march been organised against this patriarchal abuse of religion to kill a poor woman? Demonstrations by feminists or ‘open borders’ globalists, there have been none. Instead the outcry has come from conservative and libertarian voices (you know, the type typically denounced as ‘far right’ xenophobes). And that well-known fascist Boris Johnson.

Allegedly, the UK government has not held out its hands to Asia Bibi because it would stir unrest. From where? Would you, dear reader, object to this persecuted woman being given refuge? Would you abandon this lady to the cruelties of Sharia law and monstrous mobs? Of course the government is right to fear a violent reaction, and although not named by our spineless authorities, everyone knows who would be committing this violence. It’s the intolerant hotheads of the Religion of Peace.

Yet if someone is endangered by others on the basis of religion, sexual orientation, ethnicity, gender and so on, normally our police and institutions will target the haters, not banish the hated. Politicians are aware of the dangers of their job, as emphasised by the killing of Jo Cox in Yorkshire, Ian Gow in Sussex, and the attempted murder of Stephen Timms in east London. Civilisation cannot function if thugs are allowed to scare ordinary people or their representatives from speaking their minds or following their beliefs.

Theresa May needs her security, and perhaps she is more conscious of this after her duplicitous deal, defying the democratic mandate for Brexit. People are seething with anger, although I doubt that any ‘Brextremist’ is plotting an assassination. But May, despite boasting of being a ‘bloody difficult woman’, has done nothing in support of Asia Bibi. She is certainly stubborn in confronting the true conservatives of what she called the ‘nasty party’.

Quite conversant in the claptrap of cultural Marxism, May has blood on her hands for restricting ‘stop and search’ in London, leading to a surge in murders of black teenagers. May is also something of an Islamophile, issuing a Ramadan blessing and donning a hijab on visiting Saudi Arabia.

Why not do a deal with Pakistan: they take our Brexit betrayer and we’ll have the blasphemer. Tongue-in-cheek of course, but wouldn’t May fit into Pakistani culture better than Asia Bibi?
With her cricketing metaphors, perhaps May could be invited by Imran Khan as his night watchman. And Britain could get on with its future as an independent, outward-looking nation, reviving its Commonwealth partnerships and using its influence for moral benefit. If Pakistan wants to trade with us, and it if wants a share of our foreign aid, it must do more for the safety and livelihoods of its Christian people.

Asia Bibi crouches nervously in a squalid jail, merely for drinking from the wrong cup. Therese May, by contrast, has made prisoners of the whole British population.

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