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Dr Niall McCrae: Jews should join UKIP after Labour’s failure to tackle Anti-Semitism

Nauseatingly nasal socialism-in-song Billy Bragg is in trouble. Not only does he deny that Labour has a problem with anti-Semitism, but he blames the Jews for the damage this is causing to Jeremy Corbyn.

It’s hard to maintain an appeal for innocence by a party that has been taken over by the middle-class social justice warriors of Momentum and their Muslim activist friends.

It’s not only Jews who are targeted. Sarah Champion is threatened with deselection and replacement by a Muslim, after she wrote in the Sun that white girls in her constituency are being sexually abused by men of Pakistani origin. Of course, we already knew this is true, but it’s dreadfully politically incorrect for a Labour politician to say so.

Naz Shah is a better role model, apparently. She said that these girls should stay quiet for the sake of diversity, and soon after she was rewarded with promotion to Labour’s front bench as shadow equalities minster. So, Labour doesn’t care for awkward white working-class people any more than it looks out for its Jewish voters. But Jews feel particularly vulnerable, because they have been persecuted throughout history.

To which party should they turn? The Lib Dems are not to be trusted, having a long record of uncritical support for the Palestinian cause and castigation of Israel (and by extension all Jews) for racist oppression.

The Conservative Party under Theresa May has embraced identity politics, regarding Islamophobia as a threat worse than Islamic terror. Several councillors have been suspended this year for criticising Islam or for warning of the dangers of Muslim subversion (including Jewish councillor Linda Freedman).

I suggest Jews will feel more welcome in UKIP. Although not necessarily Leavers (perhaps they were more likely to vote Remain), Jewish people should hardly see the EU as a sanctuary. Across the Western nations, anti-Semitism is rising.

Why is this, and who is responsible? An obvious factor is mass immigration from Muslim lands, and the growth of fundamentalism in urban communities. The EU, supported by financier George Soros, wants to invite more hordes from the Middle-East, purportedly to provide workers for an ageing society.

Whatever the reasoning, the influx has undermined the stability and safety of Europe and its enlightenment values. As in a Hadith recited by UKIP leader Gerard Batten on the BBC, Islamic scripture calls on followers to eradicate the Jews.

That only a tiny minority would take this literally is a credit to Muslims rather than their religion. UKIP is the only major party in Britain that overtly opposes the creep of Islamification and Sharia law.

Instead of pigeon-holing people by ethnicity, race or gender, UKIP accepts Muslims and Jews alike as individuals who happen to be Muslims or Jews. Batten made this point on the same BBC interview: ‘I take people as I find them’. Contrast that with the Jew-baiting on Corbynite Facebook and Twitter accounts.

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