FREEDOM AND PEACE: The Subversion Of Remembrance Day

I just attended my local Remembrance Day service, and I was pleased to see such good attendance. I live in an area with strong military links and presence, which may account for it.

The service was conducted by a major of the Salvation Army, which also provided the band, and I was disappointed by the text and subtext of the sermon and prayers. According to this prayer leader, the people who fought in the two world wars did so in search of peace. The sermon was about the need to make and keep the peace; the prayers were about peace with a response about peace. This is a subversion of the truth – and an echo of Chamberlain’s disgraceful ‘Peace in our time’ agreement with Hitler and Stalin.

This is not surprising given the almost total take-over of our churches and our institutions by Marxists who want to take over the world without a shot being fired to protect us. Our brave soldiers did not go to war for peace – they went to war for FREEDOM. Europe has never known freedom in any meaningful way – all European countries for the past two thousand years have lived under some form of empire or tyranny. Roman law, which is the foundation of all their law, says you can only do something that is legislated for, otherwise it is illegal. British law is a law of freedom – we can do anything unless it is legislated against because it (potentially) harms others. This is what made us the most successful country and culture the world has ever seen – and why the Left and Islam and the EU all want to suppress the UK and enslave it.

It is the British love of freedom that led our soldiers to fight and defeat Napoleon, who was trying to bring the whole of Europe under his control; that same love of freedom led our soldiers to fight in their millions against German expansionism in WWI and WWII. In none of these wars had we been invaded (yet), none of them affected our internal national peace. Yet we knew that one day they would, and that tyranny would visit our shores if we didn’t stop it in its tracks. Peace is the result of strong nations remaining within their boundaries and not attempting to annex others. It is a product of contentment, and that contentment comes from freedom – spiritual, legal, social. That is why our soldiers fought and died for freedom – and not for peace.

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