GOD, GOVERNMENTS & GAYS: Welcome To The Twenty-First Century

IT IS okay to be gay. That is the message that has been perpetual throughout Pride Month. For too long backwards ideologies and religions have persecuted people simply due to their sexual orientation. 

A civilised society is where people live in harmony with each other. They do not need to hold the same views and opinions on all the issues. What society needs is tolerance, compassion, and good decency. 

Most European nations have this decency. Ironically, many of those entering Europe from abroad have views regarding gays that are abhorrent, medieval, and quite frankly criminal.

In the underdeveloped world, it is common practice for gays to be thrown off of rooftops, hung by cranes, and stoned to death for the crime of loving someone of the same sex. Why should a civilised people take such migrants in?

HEARTBREAKING: A young man weeps in fear as he is led to his death in Iran, simply for being gay.

According to the politically correct society we live in, it is prejudiced not to let in all of mankind. This is an affront to our good judgment. Those who migrate to a civilised society must adopt the customs of the host nation. This, in turn, includes respecting gay couples.

Gays who flee these oppressive foreign nations are persecuted once they arrive. This is not a new occurrence. Nabil Salem was a young Pakistani who fled to Ireland as a refugee in 1997. Six years later he was severely beaten outside of a Halal butcher shop in Dublin by women wearing burqas. 

Why were the migrant women who hold extremist Islamist views even permitted into Ireland?

A homophobic Christian demonstration at a New York pride event in 1986.

If you were to ask Naz Shah, the Labour MP for Bradford West, she would be liable to tell you that you are a racist and a bigot. On the 24th of June, Ms Shah took to Twitter to refer to a poll which states that only eight per cent of Conservative party members would be proud to have a Muslim as prime minister. How many Pakistani’s would be proud to have an openly gay PM of Pakistan? Not many. 

Such hypocrisy is rampant within the Labour Party. They wail and screech about homophobia, yet break bread with homophobes themselves. A prime example of this is Jeremy Corbyn. Prior to becoming the Leader of the Labour Party, Corbyn was well known to associate with the likes of Hamas and Hezbollah.

Corbyn lays a wreath on the graves of Palestinian Islamic terrorists.

Hamas executed one of its prominent commanders, Mahmoud Ishtiwi, in 2016, simply for being gay. An excuse used was that the Israelis could have used the information regarding Mahmoud’s sexuality to blackmail him so that he would assist in the assassination of members of the Hamas leadership. Why would Mahmoud be blackmailed? Solely for being gay in a homophobic territory, the Gaza Strip. 

The funeral of Mahmoud Ishtiwi, a former commander in the armed wing of Hamas, at a mosque in the Gaza Strip.

Hamas then thanked Corbyn earlier this year for his steadfast support of the Palestinian people in their “struggle” against Israel. Corbyn’s failure to condemn both Hamas and Hezbollah shows that he is not only in bed with Islamist terrorists, but that he also has little to no care for the gays persecuted by the Islamists. 

As this month of pride comes to a close, look back and reflect. Rights are granted to us by the government. A government made up of people who wish to destroy our progress is a threat that may indeed come into being. We must resist these bigoted threats regardless of the risks. Civilised society depends on it.



  1. Bigg

    June 27, 2019 at 16:22

    Im really sick to death with this homo lesbo worshipping hero cult going on, I believe homosexuality and lesbianism is unnatural and perverted and nothing you can say or do, no matter what form of indoctrination is used, will change my mind, we all know deep down it is and this concerted effort to normalize the unnatural and perverted will only bring us one step closer to acceptance of things far worse, this immorality will only bring bad things to us and will lead to no good.


    July 5, 2019 at 05:14

    Islam’s answer to every sin is violent punishment. Therefore, admitting most Islamic migrants is going to result in ideas contrary to Western democracy. However, I don’t think we really tolerate different opinions in the West very well. People are not really free to share the negative aspects of transgenderism and that people with sex change operations are happy for a few years, but then soon return to a high rate of depression and suicide. No one is not free to say the facts! Likewise, homosexuality has many negative aspects and is often caused by sexual abuse and family dysfunction. Some have changed permanently after sorting these issues out. Others claim a supernatural change. However, these people get death threats! A society with stable marriages between men and women is more stable and productive with less mental illness. However, using violence to elicit good behavior is very counterproductive. People need to see evidence of problems with sexual deviance and find evidence-based ways to change. However, universities are not free to study discontent after sex change operations or homosexuals who switched to straight or celibate. In the West we are in a terrible situation of political correctness. Universities need legal protections for unpopular opinions– unless the views involve violence or actual hate (not just disapproval) of groups in society. We cannot have a healthy society if pro-family conservative people cannot be represented in the university. We also cannot have a healthy society if we admit people who think violent punishments are the best way to deal with any serious moral offense.

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