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HEALING THE DIVIDE: Raheem Kassam reveals WHY Farage made those ill-fated ‘Skinhead’ comments

RAHEEM Kassam, Global Editor-In-Chief of new U.S. Conservative magazine, Human Events has revealed interesting text exchanges between himself and UKIP leader Gerard Batten during the height of the Free Tommy movement that swept working-class Britain last summer, that led to the UKIP split and the birth of the Brexit Party.

Raheem argues: “Die-hard kippers, including its current leader Gerard Batten, point the finger of blame for their misfortunes and for the misfortunes of the Brexit process squarely at Farage.”

UKIP Leader Gerard Batten with Tommy Robinson

“Farage left us,” the refrain of the cyber-kipper goes.

“He’s been bought off!” Some of them claim.

“None of these things are close to the truth, of course. But activists fearful of political oblivion and irrelevance are looking for a boogeyman to blame, and they simply cannot countenance the idea of looking under the hood to the poor party Gerard Batten has created,” says Raheem, a former aide of Nigel Farage.

Nick Ullman

Raheem, still backing Tommy in the report added: “After The British political activist was wrongly jailed for reporting on Muslim rape and grooming gangs — Farage said: “I know what will happen. [Their march] will be full of skinheads and people with tattoos to the eyeballs, they’ll all be drunk before they get there, there’ll be punch-ups and God knows what.”

Trying to clear the air, Raheem adds: “It is impossible to find a pro-European Union Tommy Robinson supporter, so naturally Farage’s comments left many who voted for him, UKIP, and Brexit feeling betrayed.”

“While there is often a tiny contingent of people who go to Tommy Robinson rallies looking for trouble, this wasn’t what people like me had tried to shape the movement into while Tommy was incarcerated, and it certainly wasn’t what played out on the streets on London on the day that concerned Farage.”

“Some would argue Farage needs to look a little closer at Robinson’s fans to understand how diverse that movement has become, they also owe Farage — their godfather of Brexit — an understanding over his protectiveness of the Brexit cause.”


Farage’s reluctance to welcome Tommy with open arms was because “Brexit is a fifth child of his, and he’s defending it against what he knows is a political establishment desperate to find a chink in its armor.” adds Raheem.

Explaining why Farage said those ill-fated comments about ‘Skinheads’ Kassam added: “So when Farage successor Batten invited Tommy Robinson to be his personal advisor, Farage saw it as a move that would allow the media to demonize Brexit.”

“He was right.”

“UKIP was tarnished immediately by the endless, incorrect smears of Tommy. Batten barely blinked, however, knowing that embracing Robinson was critical to his continuation as UKIP leader,” says Raheem.

“Shortly after taking over the party, Batten realized he had no road ahead of him.”

Text messages were revealed by Human Events and in a message with Kassam from June 6th, Batten said: “I am not sure I want to attend this [Free Tommy] demo. Most I have never heard of. Only Geert Wilders one I would like to share a platform with.”

Credit: Human Events

“I am not sure I want to attend this [Free Tommy] demo. Most I have never heard of. Only Geert Wilders one I would like to share a platform with.” — Gerard Batten

The article highlights Batten’s ‘cautiousness and duplicity towards Tommy’s supporters.’

In another text dated Friday, June 29th 2018, Raheem said he “invited Batten to attend the upcoming Free Tommy rally which I helped organize at Tommy’s request in conjunction with the Middle East Forum in the United States.”

Credit: Human Events

Gerard replied, “Very wary after the rough stuff at the last one. I know Tommy was dismayed at that, counterproductive”.

Kassam added: “Batten’s original refusal to attend was a sign of his opportunism surrounding the Free Tommy movement, and his further refusal to challenge the party’s national executive committee over allowing Tommy to formally join the party another sign that he was trying to do a “one foot in one foot out” strategy with Tommy’s supporters.


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