Ian Adamczyk: Lets talk about Collusion, George Soros Collusion

THERE is so much talk in the leftwing owned press at the moment relating to American President Donald J. Trump and his alleged collusion with the “Russian’s”

All of it so far unfounded and manufactured by the left, their billionaire media owners and donors and pedalled in their own media outlets, I do not believe any of it to be true and if there actually was any proof that he had colluded with anyone I’m sure the powers that be would have acted upon it by now.

I genuinely see this as a continued and sustained attack to portray a political outsider in Donald J. Trump in the worst possible light as possible because he wasn’t supposed to win the election, in fact, all of the three letter agencies in America, along with the press, huge corporations and tech giants all colluded together to actually prevent him from ever becoming President of the most powerful nation on Earth.

Hillary Clinton was never supposed to lose, now they will all lose and don’t they just know it.

I believe this is why we are witnessing an unprecedented, almost hourly attack on the President because not only does President Trump have the knowledge to take these people down after rubbing shoulders with many of them for decades, but he also now has the power and that has struck the fear of god into them.

When we hear daily unfounded manufactured attacks on the President but you hear absolutely nothing about the biggest colluder, influencer and collaborator in George Soros it makes me gasp and ask the question, why?

This is a man who can cause conflict, his media influence can then report on the conflict that he’s created and an agenda can be fed to the masses via the involvement and influence he has with huge media corporations around the world. He directly profits from war, division, destabilisation and separation.

So who is George Soros?

George Soros was born Gyorgy Schwartz in Budapest, Hungary on 12th August 1930. He is a billionaire philanthropist, political activist, investor and a Nazi collaborator who admittedly took pleasure in removing the possessions of his fellow countrymen under the German occupation during the war, stating that it was “the greatest time of his life”

He had a net worth of $8 billion dollars as of February 2018 after recently donating $18 billion dollars to his philanthropic agency “Open Society Foundation”

Why would he do this?

He has recently been quoted as calling Trump “a would be dictator” and a “conman” who would fail and vowed to do all he could to prevent the populist leaders rise.

This comes from the man who crashed the British pound sterling back in 1992 by betting against the UK currency on a day that later became renowned as “Black Wednesday”

He made $1 Billion dollars in the process and it begs the question how does this man now know what is “Best for Britain”?

Soros is known as one of the worlds most successful investors but he also has a much darker side to him that most people are not aware of, how could they if they don’t even know his name?

George Soros gets where water can’t via his vast wealth, Open Society Foundations, his funding of tax exempt charities and his various lobby groups which enables him to destabilise countries, nobble governments and influence politicians and set policy yet we never hear anything from him or about him in any of the mainstream media outlets.

Why would this be when this mans reach and influence spreads much further and wider than any of the manufactured tales we hear constantly about President Trump?

George Soros is a man who has the ability to create conflict across the globe, often by backing, financing and supporting dissidents, rebels and separatist movements to overthrow governments and destabilise countries and often profiting from the fallout in the process.

Between 1979 and 2011 Soros donated more than $11 Billion dollars to various philanthropist causes in the US, during the 2003-2004 election cycle Soros donated more than $23 million to tax exempt groups in the United States, groups aimed at preventing the election of George W Bush.

Soros is widely renowned as being the man behind Barack Obama’s dramatic rise to President and has openly funded the election campaign of crooked Hillary Clinton. He has also, in the past, backed candidates on both sides of the political divide also ensuring that he always had a candidate in the ring so that he could influence and control policy, procedure and regulation.

In the past, his far reach spread across Europe in the late 1980’s to early 1990’s and his vast wealth and financial input can be traced back to the Libyan conflict.

He openly advocates a world without borders and believes that people should be allowed to travel freely across the globe without challenge or documentation.

His support of various NGO’s carrying illegal immigrants, asylum seekers, economic migrants and “refugees” pays testament to these facts.

Wherever there is separation and division across the world you can always be sure to find the money and influence of George Soros and if you look hard enough he’ll be lurking in the shadows.

More recently he has been behind groups like Black Lives Matter, who have fallen off the face of the earth since the election as they are no longer useful and have no purpose in the manufactured agenda’s he was pushing prior to his candidate Hillary Clinton election campaign, he has also played a huge part in funding and organising the women’s marches against Donald Trump in another manufactured attempt to sway public opinion of the President.

At this present time he is currently supporting and funding the movement to derail Brexit via organisations such as “Best for Britain” which was set up by Gina Miller and a group named the People’s Vote who are calling for a second referendum over the details and strategy of Great Britain’s exit from the corrupt political union that he is in favour of us remaining.

George Soros is a truly vile man so next time you hear Donald J. Trump being smeared and accused of collusion it’s worth remembering the name of Dr Evil himself, George Soros.

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