THE STATE OF BRITAIN: Where Reporting On Rape Is Worse Than Rape

By Dana Forrest

In Newcastle a series of rape and trafficking trials with fourteen defendants have been scrapped due to “police failings which resulted in the cases not going ahead at court.” In other news a Huddersfield grooming gang rapist is still on the loose after skipping bail, but it’s full steam ahead for the re-trial of Tommy Robinson – the man who made the mistake of reporting on rape.

Tommy Robinson has been ordered to attend court again later this month, for the contempt of court charge that has been hanging over his head since last year.

On May 25th 2018 he was convicted on this charge, which centered around his reporting on a rape grooming gang, whose defendants were primarily Muslim (one of them converted to Sikhism).

It is rare for anyone to receive a prison term for contempt of court, let alone the thirteen-month sentence that Tommy received. He would still be languishing in prison if tens of thousands of supporters hadn’t rallied to have him released.

Meanwhile one of the Huddersfield grooming gang rapists that Tommy had reported on, absconded and is still on the run.

How did that happen? Well Sajid Hussain was given bail – bail for raping little girls. He skipped bail, and subsequently, in his absence was sentenced to seventeen years imprisonment.

This was a man who was part of a gang that plied girls, some as young as eleven, with drink then took turns to rape them. One girl, trying to escape, cracked her skull as she jumped from a first-floor balcony. Other girls, who resisted, were dumped in the deserted moors, having to fend for themselves in bitterly cold weather.

Meanwhile the police arrested Tommy while he was outside the courthouse for merely reporting on the trial. Not only was he not given bail, but by the end of the day he had been tried, convicted, and imprisoned on a thirteen month sentence.

Yet no one knows what Tommy did that was actually illegal. That isn’t my opinion; that is the judges’ ruling from the Court of Appeal (an appeal that would never have happened if thousands had not protested on Tommy’s behalf.)

Not only did these judges criticise the fact that there had been a mere five hours between Robinson’s arrest and subsequent sentencing at Leeds Crown Court, but they also called his case a “muddle” – because it was not made clear as to what the actual offence was that Tommy had committed.

As a result, in August 2018, the judges quashed the conviction, but released Tommy on bail for the matter to be reheard.

Tommy has been hauled before the court a couple of times since, but with no outcome.

Now, the legal eagles have decided it’s time for Tommy’s case to finally be re-tried.

The timing couldn’t be worse for Tommy.

In the past few weeks Tommy released his documentary Panodrama, an expose of BBC’s Panorama. Subsequently he was banned from Facebook and Instagram, seemingly on the behest of Mohammed Shafiq, CEO of the Ramadhan Foundation.  (This is according to his Shafiq’s own admission, the same man whose 2014 tweet could have resulted in Maajid Nawaz being killed.)

On top of all that Tommy is now being sued for defamation for speaking out on behalf of an English boy who had to go into hiding after being labelled a ‘waterboarder’ by the mainstream media.

Furthermore Facebook has banned anyone from posting anything supportive of Robinson.

The silencing of Robinson and his followers means that it will be unlikely for him to garner the same amount of support at his upcoming hearing.

Indeed if he is sentenced again we may not even find out about it given that the last time he was imprisoned the court banned reporting on it.  Fortunately some foreign media at the time carried the story, and the subsequent outcry led to a lifting of the ban.

While Tommy awaits his fate, over in Newcastle, fourteen defendants, in the rape and trafficking trials, are currently celebrating their good luck that their cases have been dismissed.

It has been reported that Northumbria Police will be conducting an investigation into the police failings that led to the collapsed trials, and if any misconduct is found it will be “addressed appropriately.” Apparently the force has “apologised to the alleged victims”, which no doubt will be of cold comfort to them.

Another man enjoying his freedom is Huddersfield grooming gang member, Sajid Hussain, a man who raped young girls. No doubt he is basking in the sun somewhere, perhaps raping more girls, with no sign that the British state cares to bring him back to serve justice. This is the same establishment that has spent close to a year concentrating their energies on bringing Tommy Robinson to trial for reporting on rape.

If Facebook doesn’t allow this article to be shared then we might wonder if they too think that reporting on rape is worse than rape.

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