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Peterborough by-election

EXCLUSIVE: Police Investigating Mystery Man Who Claims He ‘BURNED’ Brexit Party Votes

A MAN understood to be a Labour supporter living in Peterborough has caused a flurry of outrage on Twitter after boasting that he ‘burned’ postal votes that – if true – would have helped The Brexit Party’s Candidate Mike Greene WIN the by-election. 

Police are now investigating the man, named Alan Roddis, who made the claim in a closed group called ‘Peterborough Politics’ – a popular local discussion forum on Facebook that Politicalite has previously exposed as promoting extreme and anti-semitic ideologies, including many made by local Labour activists. 

The Labour supporter made his claim in the closed Facebook page run by controversial Cllr Darren Fower.

“She [Lisa Forbes] got nominated (elected) because 3 people including me burned over a [sic] 1000 votes for TBP [The Brexit Party], and laughed while doing it” said Mr Roddis, whose brother – also active in the predominantly Labour-leaning, Hamas-supporting group – is understood to be a supporter of Lisa Forbes. 

Once the comment was leaked, people took to various social media platforms to demand an investigation, but as of yet, the man has refused to answer any follow-up questions. 

One concerned voter, who took to a Vote Leave online group chat, asked its admin if anyone from The Brexit Party was taking action to investigate Roddis’ claim, to which they confirmed that they indeed had.

A Brexit Party supporter raises her concerns.

Police are now understood to be ‘looking into the matter’. 

For now, we are unsure if the comment is a hoax or if it is just another example of serious electoral fraud to have taken place in Peterborough. Either way, Alan Roddis and his claims warrant investigating. 

We contacted Alan Roddis via the ominous Facebook profile, along with his brother, yet received no reply. 

The comment has since curiously been quickly taken down. 

Politicalite will provide updates as the story develops. 




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  1. George harman

    11 June 2019 at 20:31

    Why are votes done in pencil

  2. Kakfresser

    13 June 2019 at 23:47

    The marxists and their jew masters are doing this, same people who organize the invasion of our countries by mongrels, negroes and goat fuckers

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