Peterborough by-election

LABOUR Pboro Replaced Councillors/Antisemitism Victims With ‘HOLOCAUST-DENIER’

TWO members of the Labour Party in Peterborough who resigned, citing the party’s “bullying and incompetence” in dealing with anti-Semitism, both locally and nationally, were replaced by a woman who disgustingly endorsed an anti-Semite holocaust-denier and extremist. 

Peterborough Labour Councillors Richard Ferris and Matthew Mahabadi stood down in 2018, mainly due to their outrage over Peterborough’s Muslim-led Labour Branch’s selection of a local candidate who suggested that the Holocaust was a hoax and made vile anti-semitic comments online.

Alan Bull shared the false, dangerous, and hugely disrespectful post on social media.

In a joint statement they said blowing the whistle in March had exposed them to “alienation and ignorance”.

Labour group leader Shaz Nawaz, who is now under public suspicion following his hiring of close friend and convicted vote-rigger Tariq Mahmood in two recent Parliamentary elections, described the move as “disappointing”, yet failed to comment on or address the shocking proven cases of anti-Semitism within the branch he leads. 

In their resignation statement, the Councillors said it was a “privilege” to serve the city, but that it was “tiring, stressful, soul-crushing at times”.

Richard Ferris and Matthew Mahabadi who resigned as Peterborough city Councillors following the local Labour group’s failure to oppose antisemitism.

In March 2018, Mr Ferris, the party’s deputy leader in Peterborough and a Councillor for Park Ward, and Mr Mahabadi, who represents East Ward, were openly critical of a decision to allow Alan Bull to stand for election.

Mr Bull was then suspended over a 2015 Facebook post in which he appeared to question the historical basis of the Holocaust.

Another vile jew-hating post from Peterborough Labour’s Alan Bull.

In an article posted in the New Statesman, Mr Ferris and Mr Mahabadi criticised the Labour Party over its “failure locally and nationally to deal with an extremely serious case of unapologetic anti-Semitism”.

“It seems we’d let a cork out from the bottle, across the party,” they wrote.

The two men set up a group called Labour Councillors Against Anti-Semitism the same month, saying they were “sick and tired of the lethargy in taking action”.

“We have faced pressure, bullying and alienation by a powerful minority of ‘militant’ elements of our own Labour Party,” they said, “to shut up, pipe down, keep schtum about the problem of anti-Semitism in the Peterborough Labour Party.

“Enough is enough.”

However, since then, in a clear display of endorsement for anti-semitism, and a fresh slap to the faces of the two Councillors who stood down, Shaz Nawaz and the local Labour rabble of which we have previously exposed as being riddled with Jew-hating ideologies, chose to replace the member of East Ward with Dr. Shabina Qayyum – an arrogant local GP who went on to win the seat with the help of vote-rigger Tariq Mahmood, whom she invited onto her campaign.

ANTI-SEMITES: Peterborough Labour Councillor Shabina with vile fraudster Tariq Mahmood.

In a Facebook post about her Labour campaigning activities for the local election, the Doctor chose the first person to be tagged as one Mohammed Aslam.

Aslam, a staunch Labourite, was found to have made a plethora of comments on social media promoting anti-western, anti-semitic ideologies, including calling the USA and its allies “super evil”. In one of his more damning posts, Politicalite discovered Aslam, in broken English, alluding that the Holocaust was an invention of zionist. “By using the pretext of Holocaust is victimizing Muslims worldwide,” the young supporter of Qayyum wrote. “Yet if the Holocaust has taken place as they claim, [it] was not perpetrated by Muslim people or any Muslim country.”

The Peterborough Labour Councillor’s associate was also found to have claimed that all Americans are blood-thirsty, saying that gun culture is legalized in the United States because “blood-thirst persists instinctively in their minds and hearts”. Aslam also believes that Americans have no morals and (most bizarrely) that they spread HIV.

Shabina’s associate Mohammed Aslam made various false and extreme claims on social media, including many that promote hatred of Jews.

On commenting on President Trump’s decision to suspend financial aid to Pakistan in response to the countries responsibility in harboring terrorists, Aslam wrote: “This will enable Pakistan to take measures for self-reliance instead of looking for Aid coming from the USA, which for last 60 years has proven deadly disease the HIV virus for Pakistan. It would be very much appreciated if the government of PTI avoids letting AIDS virus from the USA infect Pakistan from now on”.

As if the Peterborough Councillor’s connections aren’t dubious enough, during the recent Peterborough By-Election, both Shabina and Tariq Mahmood were investigated by police after an elderly woman from the Pakistani community was hospitalised following what she alleges as an incident of ‘bullying’ and ‘harassment’ by the Doctor and by Mahmood, who allegedly entered her house and bullied her for her postal vote. 

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