Peterborough by-election

PBORO Labour Chief Makes THOUSANDS Teaching Business Fat Cats How To Avoid Tax

HYPOCRITICAL Peterborough Labour leader Shaz Nawaz – who has come under public scrutiny since Politicalite first exposed the hiring of his close friend and vote-rigging political ally in the recent by-election – now finds himself in more hot water.

Two damning videos posted on YouTube by a company that hires Nawaz – owner of AA Accountants – to give advice and lectures to business bigwigs, shows the controversial Labour chieftain delivering long, often cocky speeches on how business owners can PAY less tax or avoid paying taxes altogether by exploiting legal, yet highly morally-questionable loopholes. 

Shaz Nawaz (stood behind a vote-rigger and two anti-semites) out campaigning in Peterborough.

These ‘loopholes’, if we are to believe everything that the Labour party says (which perhaps I would advise not to) stand in stark contrast to the ‘for the many, not the few’, anti-capitalist, ‘anti-bankers’ ethos that the far left socialist party staunchly claims to advocate. 

In fact, what Nawaz advises – in fact openly and shamelessly encourages – in the videos, posted just last year, is the supposed ‘enemy’ of what his party stands for – and comes at a time when the collection of taxes, and the need for big businesses to ‘do their fair share’ to help support struggling public services (all funded by tax payers) is of paramount importance. 

The utter hypocrisy of the local Labour leader and Corbynite is further demonstrated in a series of articles penned by his hand and published in The Peterborough Telegraph, in which he has the nerve to accuse the Conservative Party and the local Tory council of failing to provide efficient public services; often lamenting the lack of funds in the council’s kitty, despite the type of tax avoidance he has now been exposed as promoting directly contributing to this lack of funding. 

The cover to Shaz’ promotional video teaching viewers how to pay less tax.

We approached the Labour Head Office for a comment on this blatant subversion of their ‘hard line’ on ‘the many’ being made a financial mockery of by the ‘few’, however – as always – they chose to ignore us. 

We wonder if they were too busy number bashing in an effort to avoid having to hand a sizable chunk of the millions of pounds in membership fees it accumulates each year back over to the people. 

Perhaps in this instance, and this instance alone, we the public should hope that Diane Abbott is in charge of the calculations, and NOT the likes of Shaz Nawaz. 

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