Peterborough by-election

P’BORO VOTE FRAUD: Convicts, Cover-Ups, And What MUST Be Done Next

THE FRESHLY-coined term ‘ballot burglars’ – thanks to Politicalite – has been doing the rounds on social media of late, with the nation’s growing collective anger and suspicion falling heavily upon the convicted electoral fraudster allowed to take a central role in Labour’s narrow win during the Peterborough By-Election. But not enough has been said of those protecting those very ballot burglars undermining this nation’s democracy.

As the local Labour Party in Peterborough spiral into a full melt-down over their many shocking antics finally being embarrassingly laid bare, official party substance-less soundbites abound in a desperate effort to stop the blatant electoral fraud miring the election from being debated and investigated.

‘He didn’t campaign for us whatsoever’ came the initial cries from the Labour Party upon the revelation of convicted ballot burglar Tariq Mahmood being allowed to gain votes for them in the recent By-Election. However, when humiliating photographs of Mahmood out campaigning emerged – with Corbyn, with the local Labour Chief, with Forbes, even sat outside a polling station wearing a Labour Rosette – they were forced to quickly change their tune.


Cllr Qayyum, who Politicalite recently revealed as having tagged a holocaust-denier in her posts on Facebook, tags her fellow Labour campaigners in this Facebook post during Lisa Forbes’ campaign. Among those she tags is Tariq.

In their infinite wisdom, they then decided to issue a weak counterattack when it was claimed by Politicalite that Tariq had been allowed by the Labour Party to attend the count room. ‘He wasn’t there!’ they insisted. ‘He wasn’t on our list’. ‘At no point was he inside the count room’.

Yet, once again, we proved that Labour had lied, and are continuing to lie ; releasing more damning photographs (some even taken by Mahmood himself) that indisputably prove Mahmood’s presence inside the count room, red rosette still proudly pinned to jumper. 

All of Mahmood’s images inside the count room have been analysed. They were taken by no other device and shared on no other platform.

LEFT: One of many images of Tariq inside the count room.

Hard to see in this photo, although we will be releasing the enhancement shortly. But Tariq was even caught inside the count room by multiple news film crews. Here he is to the left of the interviewer, near the front of the stage. We also have a video – a close-up – clearly showing him walking past the camera. 

City Labour Councillor Aasiyah Joseph (whom Tariq helped to win a key Peterborough ward) thanks ‘brother Tariq’ for keeping her company inside the count room.

Mahmood stands beside City Labour Councillor Aasiyah Joseph in one of many shots captured of him inside the count room.

And now, if we thought that the Labour Party of Peterborough couldn’t sink any lower, the crooked cronies of the local socialist rabble have now changed their stance yet again, this time to the even lower, utterly ridiculous blow of labeling the millions of British citizens now demanding a full investigation into the scandal, into Tariq’s blatant involvement, and into the startling rejection of 400 postal votes, as ‘racists’.

Rather than acknowledge the valid concerns raised by recent information, and with the evidence now stacked-up against them, Labour’s short official statement to the British press is that the whole affair and public interest into what – at the very least – can be described as a ‘dodgy’ election campaign, is nothing more than a ‘racist trope’.

Meanwhile, Politicalite can exclusively reveal that Tariq Mahmood – long after the horse has bolted – is now belatedly trawling through his social media history and deleting evidence showing his involvement. 

Yet there are greater concerns to be raised here than Mahmood’s sudden finger-burning rapid tapping at ‘CTL, ALT, DELETE’.

One of those concerns is the Labour Party’s sudden panic-stricken housekeeping campaign. Another is the Council’s overwhelming incompetence and worryingly laid-back approach in addressing the many concerns by not only refusing to announce a full, comprehensive inquest into the scandal, but point-blank joining the Labour’s official line by stating that, categorically, ‘Mahmood wasn’t there’. 

It is a line that seems to have been lifted from the lyrics of the tediously overplayed old-school Shaggy song ‘It wasn’t me’. But – as we have already revealed – it is an all-out lie. 

Tariq Mahmood – a man convicted and imprisoned for his direct involvement in rigging a previous Peterborough election – WAS used extensively by the local Labour Party in this By-Election, as he has been (by his own constant confessions, laid bare on his social media accounts) on almost every Local and Parliamentary election that Labour has fought in the city for decades, including during the suspicious election of criminal Labour MP Fiona Onasanya. 

Tariq Mahmood also WAS in the count room that night – we have proven as much. In fact, Tariq Mahmood HIMSELF has proven as much. 

But the questions now stand – questions that both the Labour Party, and perhaps more worryingly Peterborough City Council, obstinately refuse to answer:

1. WHY was Tariq Mahmood (despite it now officially being declared by both bodies that he had no legal right to be there, having not been down on the official entry list) allowed into the count room and to snap-away within arms-reach of ballot papers? This is a serious electoral crime in itself. 


2. WHO let him inside?

Put the many other aspects and pieces of evidence that should raise our concerns aside (and there ARE many). Why is this (if we are to take the official line of the council itself) blatant crime; this act of crystal-clear defiance of the electoral laws that are in place to protect our democracy from dubious ballot burglars like Tariq Mahmood to begin with, being ignored by the City Council and by the Cambridgeshire Constabulary?

There can only be one possible answer to this, other than political correctness, and one which we shall summarize in a simple, basic line:

The Council, just like Labour, have been caught-out.

Whether or not it was a genuine mistake to deny his presence or not; as with the Labour Party, they are now in full-blown panic-mode in a desperate attempt to sweep this whole inconvenient mess under the carpet. They would rather run-down the clock (with there being only 21 days from the By-Election result being announced for a formal challenge to be raised) and save face rather than do the right thing and save our democracy. 

But what SHOULD they be doing right now? Well, in light of the overwhelming evidence that we have already presented to both the council itself via its returning officer, and to the local Police force, the lines of inquiry are as obvious as they are urgent. They, we suggest, are as follows:

  1. Bring Tariq Mahmood in for questioning. Check his mobile phone. Check the plethora of images and self-produced evidence that clearly shows that he was inside the count room that night. Investigate fully his blatant involvement – despite the now discredited local Labour lies stating the contrary – in securing the dubious narrow-win for Labour’s Lisa Forbes. 
  2. Question others involved in blatantly protecting him and keeping silent about his said presence, starting with City Labour Councillor Aasiyah Joseph, who is clearly shown in a series of pictures (least of all the one above) standing directly beside him throughout his presence in the count room, who thanked him in a comment on social media for ‘keeping her company’ in the count room, and who, to date, seems to have burrowed herself underground in a pit of silence rather than do the right thing and come forward to the Police, as one would expect an ‘upstanding’ representative of her constituents ought to do.
  3. Do a door-to-door investigation based on the ridiculously outrageous 400 postal votes that were rejected due to the signatures and dates of birth not matching-up to those contained on the electoral system. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to realise that this is a much-needed and fully justified endeavor. The council sending-out letters to those who had their votes rejected is lazy, inefficient, and – quite frankly – not good enough. So too should fingerprint analysis be considered. After all, we know that Tariq’s are on file.
  4. Interview Tariq Mahmood’s many tenants. Mahmood was formerly convicted for misappropriating and redirecting postal votes to his own addresses and to others, then taking those postal votes and filling them out himself. It is also suspected that some residents were told to prove who to vote for by taking photographs of their ballot papers once completed – Taking Tariq’s past history, it is a possibility that he did exactly the same as he did before. But could he have also coerced his tenants into voting Labour, paid them even? Surely this is also worth looking into and either confirming or ruling-out.
  5. Take this SERIOUSLY. We don’t need to go any further into an explanation on this one. Unlike the Labour Party, we understand that our readers and the many members of the public interested in this case are intelligent enough to realise that this scandal isn’t getting the attention or action it merits. 

Luckily, we’ve done some of the above work for them. But, at present – just as the now disgraced Fiona Onasanya lied about her driving conviction, hoping that we were all too ‘thick’ to question her easily-disproved excuses – so too are the Labour party yet again making out that we are all too dense to understand the obvious. They are banking on the hope that we will simply accept their bizarre excuses; that the MANY individuals, officials, even Councillors, who have stated categorically that Tariq Mahmood was involved in their campaign and was present in the count room, are ‘stupid’ – that, like the 400 people we are supposed to believe simply ‘forgot’ their own correct dates of birth or signatures (in many instances both) when filling-out their postal votes – that we are all ‘confused’. Stupid. Simple. And, quite bizarrely, the Peterborough City Council are now joining them in their offensive stance against commonsense. 

THE ‘QUEEN-MAKER’: Onasanya and Forbes both pose for celebration selfies with their integral campaign member, Tariq Mahmood.

And this leaves us with one last question – why? Why are they waiting for time to run out whilst refusing to act accordingly and embark on a FULL investigation to get to the bottom of this, giving it the serious attention that it deserves?

The British public are fed-up with being lied to and being treated as mere fools by politicians and the establishment. And with this new scandal in Peterborough; this new blatant ‘Tower Hamlets’-style attack on democracy that is presently being covered-up, who on earth can blame them?

Polticalite is now in the final stages of polishing-off its official challenge (i.e. petition) to oppose the result of the Peterborough By-Election, on numerous grounds and a wealth of startling evidence – some of which we have been advised to not yet reveal to ensure that our challenge is as strong as it possibly can be. The Police, the Council, local Labourites; clearly neither are going to help in this investigation, and we cannot afford to wait any longer. 

Five cases of alleged electoral fraud have been highlighted and are currently being investigated in Peterborough. We dare say that – if the Council and local Police force were taking this grave matter more seriously and (as my dear old Granddad would say) ‘doing their jobs properly’ – there would be many more. 

we now have volunteers out door-knocking in the local community to add to the witness statements; in key areas where electoral fraud has been highlighted. 

I am also in talks with members of the Pakistani community who are equally as frustrated as we are, and who now want to come forward with information. 

We also have sworn affidavits from the many people inside the count room that night who swear categorically that Mahmood was there also. 

We have images, and videos, and plenty more, and will be sending out an announcement the second our challenge is given the legal nod from our team and is officially entered for consideration. 

This is as much as we can divulge for now. But, so far we have caused a stir, with the mainstream media now being forced to take notice, and the case to finally open-up the can of worms that is Peterborough Labour’s blatant corruption of democracy is well underway.

Finger’s crossed, change is coming. 

If you would like to join our fierce fight to restore democracy in Peterborough, to help us continue investigating electoral fraud, and to contribute towards the steep application and legal fees involved in our imminent challenge, please do so by clicking here and donating what you can. 

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