THIRTEEN THOUSAND Postal Votes Issued, Shock Pboro By-Election Figures Reveal

PETERBOROUGH voters were left feeling doubly stitched-up last night, after a panic-stricken report issued by the City’s local Council revealed that over thirteen-and-a-half THOUSAND postal votes were issued – in a region already rocked by previous convictions for postal vote fraud.

Social media erupted into a frenzy of outrage last Thursday, after Politicalite’s exclusive report revealing the Labour Party’s continued use of a convicted vote-rigger on their Peterborough election team went viral.

With the eyes of the nation firmly fixed upon the by-election that had been called following the humiliating ousting of crooked Corbynite MP Fiona Onasanya, new claims of foul play abounded almost immediately – further adding to the frustrations and anger of long-suffering locals who felt once again robbed of their democratic voice.

PETERBOROUGH: The new Tower Hamlets?

They are perhaps completely justified in feeling this way, as the report – hastily issued by an overwhelmed council bogged-down in complaints from the general public and demands for an immediate investigation – revealed some of the most outrageously suspicious result figures this country has ever witnessed.

“For the Parliamentary by-election held on 6 June 2019 there were 13,682 postal votes issued”, an official announcement from Peterborough’s returning officer began. “9,898 of these were returned of which 400 were rejected due to either the signature or date of birth (or both) not matching our records.” 

FROM LEFT: Convicted vote-rigger Tariq Mahmood with Corbyn, Lisa Forbes, and (behind) Tariq’s close friend and leader of the local Labour branch, Shaz Nawaz.

The number of votes cast at the various polling stations across the City was 24,500. Overall, the total number of verified ballot papers (including the almost 10,000 postal votes that made their way to the count room) was 33,998.

This means that of the votes counted that led to the win of Labour’s anti-semitic candidate Lisa Forbes, a whopping 29% were postal votes – a method of voting renowned for the way in which it is easily manipulated by election-riggers like Tariq Mahmood and his murky associates.

The jaw-dropping figure also equates to a staggering 69.6% valid return rate of all postal votes sent out. 

Labour campaigners from the central Labour Peterborough election team. Among them can be seen Tariq, with the arm of the former local Labour leader Cllr Mohammed Jamil around his shoulder.

But that wasn’t the only shock in store for Peterborians and citizens across the country, as the council’s statement also unwittingly exposed the equally damning results of the 2017 snap election, which saw incumbent Tory Brexiteer Stewart Jackson lose his seat to criminal Fiona Onasanya by under 700 votes.

“In the 2017 Parliamentary election for the Peterborough constituency there were 14,293 postal votes issued” the announcement continued. “11,930 of these were returned of which 379 were rejected due to either the signature or date of birth (or both) not matching our records. This equates to 81% valid return rate”,

During both elections – for Labour’s Onasanya and Labour’s Lisa Forbes – close friend of Peterborough Labour leader Shaz Nawaz, convicted vote-rigger Tariq Mahmood, was hired to play a key role in the election campaign team and on both occasions, despite his fondness for destroying democracy, was given exclusive access to the election count room.

THE CROOKED QUEEN-MAKER: Tariq Mahmood, thanked by both ‘successful’ Labour candidates, Fiona Onasanya and Lisa Forbes.

During the 2017 election, numerous residents came forward to complain of potential vote-rigging and intimidation allegedly carried out by Tariq and his red rosette-wearing rabble of anti-democrat thugs.

Police calls were also made on the night of the election upon numerous residents witnessing Tariq and others ushering eastern Europeans and young Brits, one by one into a nearby 4×4, where they each spent a few seconds inside before being led, often with confused looks on their faces, into the polling station.

It has been suggested that money exchanged hands inside this car, with other local residents also alleging in the recent by-election that similar offers of cash for votes had been made to them.

ROBBED?: Popular staunch Brexiteer and long-serving Peterborough MP Stewart Jackson lost his seat in what we now know to be a highly suspicious GE.

The easily manipulated and highly unnecessary postal voting system was originally designed to allow the elderly, ill, or disabled the chance to vote on the grounds that they couldn’t physically make the journey to a polling station. Yet the scheme was eventually expanded greatly by (surprise surprise) the Labour Party, allowing anyone easy access to a postal vote.

ROBBED?: Tory Paul Bristow (left) and The Brexit Party’s Mike Greene both ran clean, positive campaigns to replace Fiona Onasanya in the by-election.

The UK’s postal voting system is open to fraud on an “industrial scale” and is “unviable” in its current form, a top judge has previously said, whilst a widely acclaimed report on electoral fraud by Lord Eric Pickles, and commissioned by the Government, revealed that postal vote fraud was substantially higher in Pakistani communities than any other demographic in the country, partially, the report concluded following extensive research, to cultural conflicts and incompatible attitudes towards democracy. 

Sir Eric Pickles, whose extensive report highlighted the serious threat to democracy posed by dodgy ‘cultural’ voting practices.

Since before 2014, Peterborough – which has a significantly large Muslim and European community that both lean towards Labour as their political preference – has officially been classed as one of the top ten ‘hot spots’ for electoral fraud in the UK, with the city initially enrolling on a government ID scheme that would have seen a serious reduction in fraudulent postal voting tactics – a scheme that was irresponsibly dropped by the City council in the run-up to the by-election. 

With the recently-released figures now showing that postal votes in Peterborough during the recent by-election and the GE of 2017 were overwhelmingly higher than the national average, and taking into account that Labour’s candidate, who won by a under 600 votes, employed a convicted vote-rigger on her campaign team, as too did shamed Labour MP Fiona Onasanya, it seems now that there are significant grounds to launch an official challenge to the validity of Forbes’ ‘dodgy’ election. 

The only question now is will it be done in time? Anyone seeking to raise such a legal challenge must do so within 21 days of the announcement of the result. That is why Politicalite are seeking to do just that and are currently in talks to arrange a full legal challenge (i.e ‘petition’) within the next two weeks. 

To donate to the legal fund, and to help us stand-up for democracy, please donate through the following link, before it’s too late:

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