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PICK FOR BRITAIN: Brits Called Upon To Help Bring In The Harvest Amid Coronavirus 

PATRIOTIC Brits have been called upon to help bring in the harvest amid the Coronavirus pandemic. 

Massive outrage was sparked last month after Romanian migrants were drafter into Britain via Air Charter Service to ‘help bring the harvest in’ according to the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, despite British applicants applying.

The migrants provided extra labour to farmers in due to an alleged ‘labour shortage’ – despite high numbers of British applications for these positions.

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Now the Government is urging Brits to ‘Pick for Britain’ as the coronavirus crisis created a shortage of migrant workers to harvest crops. 

Environment Secretary George Eustice called on Brits to step up. 

He said: ‘One thing is clear and that is that this year we will need to rely on British workers to lend a hand to help bring that harvest home.”

“Over the last couple of months we have been working with industry on a plan to support and help people taking second jobs, particularly those who are furloughed, and we have launched a new Pick For Britain website that enables people to go online, check what job availability there is and to marry up job opportunities from growers and employers with those people seeking a second job, particularly those that are furloughed.” 

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“We believe that those who are furloughed may be getting to the point that they want to lend a hand and play their part. They may be wanting to get out and they may be wanting to supplement their income with an additional job. And if they do feel that way I would urge them to visit that website and to look at the opportunities that are there.” 

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