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JEZ BLOWN AWAY BY MRS MAY: PM slams Corbyn and reveals ‘Windrush’ decision was taken under Labour

JEREMY Corbyn was left humiliated at Britain’s weekly Prime Ministers Questions duel today after it was revealed the decision to destroy thousands of ‘Windrush’ generation landing cards was taken in 2009… under Labour.

In dramatic scenes in the House of Commons, Prime Minister May told MPs that it was, in fact, the Labour Party that was responsible for destroying the cards of hardworking commonwealth immigrants.

Corbyn looked like he was on to a clear victory in the commons duel when he told the Prime Minister: “Yesterday we learned in 2010 the Home Office destroyed the landing cards for a generation of Commonwealth citizens, so have told people, ‘We can’t find you in our system.”

Jeremy went on: “Did the Prime Minister, the then-home secretary, sign off that decision?”

Mrs May, stood up, in a power Tory blue suit and replied: “No, the decision to destroy the landing cards was taken in 2009 under a Labour government.” to scenes of jubilation from the Government benches with Tory MPs shouting “apologise” to Labour MPs.

Earlier in the day, Shadow Home Secretary Diane Abbott had called for the resignation of Home Secretary Amber Rudd.

David Lammy MP tweeted: “You destroyed the records and now you are destroying lives. I fail to understand why a minister has not resigned. Abject.”

A wounded Mr Corbyn tried to battle on and said: “I think we need some absolute clarity on the question on the destruction of the landing cards. And if she’s trying to blame officials I remind her of what she said in 2004 when she said she was sick and tired of Government ministers who blame other people when things go wrong.”

Mrs May doubled down and said: “The decision to destroy the landing cards was taken in 2009 and as I seem to recall in 2009 it was a Labour home secretary.”


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