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THE WHIP LIST: Hollywood Stars Who Dared to Depict Kinks on Screen

CINEMA has always held a mirror to society, which is why so many major Hollywood films have explored the complexities of human relationships. Throughout history, depictions of sex have moved with the times. Some titles have presented diverse subjects with sensitivity and compassion.

Only within the past few decades have same-sex relationships become widely accepted, with films featuring openly gay characters, such as Brokeback Mountain’s exploration of gay cowboys or Philadelphia’s focus on how HIV affected the gay community in the 1980s gaining mass audiences. Kinky sex, or BDSM has been one of the last taboos.

The mainstream cinema will show couples indulging in ‘regular’ or ‘vanilla’ sex, but anything more extreme, such as kinks, can still ruffle feathers.

Why Mainstream Movies Started to Explore This Topic

Cinema has always been about pushing boundaries. Audiences will sometimes expect to be entertained in the same way for lengthy periods (hence the popularity of all those James Bond films, rehashing similar plots over and over again). But many viewers expect directors to explore darker themes. There’s a parallel with the Internet, and this has been reflected in the explosion of UK online matchmaking services. There are now gay BDSM dating sites in the UKcovering an incredible range of topics, from those catering to those aforementioned vanilla tastes, to niche areas.

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These dating websites delve into a world where partners are open and willing to experiment with like-minded people from the UK and worldwide. You could spend some time trying to track down online resources for gay kinks, but a review site will provide examples of the best ones. You can compare details, such as how user-friendly these services are and what features you can expect to unlock if you subscribe to a paid membership plan. When it comes to embarking on a journey into the mysterious but captivating world of kinks, it might be inspirational to consider how Hollywood stars have dared to deal with this subject.

Famous Stars in BSDM Scenes

Michael Fassbender (A Dangerous Method)

This drama, directed by Canadian David Cronenberg, focuses on the relationship between psychoanalysts Carl Jung (Michael Fassbender) and Sigmund Freud (Viggo Mortensen). This gripping movie focuses on many aspects of sexuality once considered taboo, such as psychoanalysts having relationships with patients. There are also explorations of the darker side of sexual contact, making for an intense study of human desire.

Jamie Dornan (Fifty Shades of Grey)

Starring Irish actor Jamie Dornan as a successful businessman, Christian Grey, and Dakota Johnson as a college graduate, Anastasia, this is the movie where BDSM became mainstream. Based on a series of bestselling books by British author E L James, this was a box office smash when it was released in 2015.

Initially attracted to a suave, good-looking entrepreneur, Anastasia soon discovers his sexual tastes are altogether darker. Inside his luxurious bachelor pad are hidden chambers where he delights in indulging his fantasies of tying up and beating his willing accomplices. Initially shocked, she finds herself being drawn into this dimension of forbidden delights.

Mickey Rourke (9 1/2 Weeks)

This erotic drama stars Kim Basinger and Mickey Rourke as, respectively, Elizabeth, an art gallery employee, and a Wall Street broker, John. Their relationship develops into something far more intense than Elizabeth has previously experienced, as she finds herself succumbing to John’s desire to be the dominant partner. At one point, Elizabeth has cross-dressed; they are mistaken for a gay couple and attacked by homophobes, who they beat off. Excited by this, Elizabeth and John have a passionate encounter at the crime scene.

Are These Movies Good Source of Information?

Anyone new to BDSM will naturally be curious about what to expect. The cliched view of tightfitting rubber suits, masks, whips, and punishment cellars might be offputting to some. Others will be tempted to find out more. These movies are an excellent introduction to kink, providing a glimpse into a daring world where couples can get intimate in so many adventurous ways.

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When it comes to portraying the darker side of society, the big screen is often a wonderful place to track down portrayals of kinks. Many contemporary screenwriters are using comedy to tell offbeat stories. A classic example of this would be the gritty BBC series Rain Dogs, starring the voluptuous Daisy May Cooper.

A blonde with an hourglass figure, Cooper has also been rumored to be in line to play James Bond’s boss, M in the next movie in the 007 franchise. Rather than depicting this character as a stuffy, pin-striped secret service official, it’s not hard to envisage a new angle – Cooper would look extremely fetching in a black latex outfit. Perhaps with a whip ready to ensure the archetypal British spy doesn’t go rogue during his assignments!