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SIREN SYMONDS: Boris’ Girlfriend Links to Clintons EXPOSED Amid PM’s Leftie Lurch

Written by JORDAN JAMES and ALEX PEEL in Westminster  

CARRIE Symonds – the partner of British Prime Minister Boris Johnson is linked to the controversial Clinton Foundation and is feared to be behind BoJo’s lurch to the Globalist-left, Politicalite can reveal. 

After working her way up the Conservative Party pole working in Comms, Ms Symonds worked for a Climate and Green charity called “Oceania” – that was allegedly funded by the Clinton Global Initiative.

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The unelected partner of the British PM was behind Boris’ public congratulations of so-called President-Elect Joe Biden, despite the US Election still not being officially certified. 

Hillary Clinton Endorses Biden for President in 2020

CREDIT: AP/Carolyn Kaster

The Clinton Foundation also partnered with Oceana in 2008 as part of an awards Gala that honoured ex-US President Bill Clinton and Sting. 

Carrie was described as “bringing extensive knowledge of public policy-making and communications on a national and international level.” when she worked for Oceania. 

“Carrie previously led communications for the Conservative Party in the UK where she helped promote policies on the environment and animal welfare.” the website states. 

Carrie Symonds' Very Best Outfits | Tatler


“She also worked in government as a Special Adviser for two Secretaries of State. She will be working with Oceana to support the Bloomberg Foundation’s Vibrant Oceans Initiative and on communications related to Oceana’s “Save the Oceans, Feed the World” Initiative and Oceana’s campaign to reduce the use of plastics.” 

“Carrie is passionate about protecting the oceans and marine life, particularly by reducing plastic pollution. She is a graduate of the University of Warwick where she received first class honors.”

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Symonds was also behind the firing of two Vote Leave advisors at the top of Boris’ Government Lee Cain and Dominic Cummings. 

Analysis: What next for Dominic Cummings after Lee Cain resignation | The Scotsman

CREDIT: AP/Adrian Dennis

Carrie clearly undue influence on the British PM, whilst one Tory MP told to The Independent: “She was a director of communications for our party – she was a special adviser, it’s not as if she’s some innocent getting into waters she’s not experienced enough to swim in,” said the MP. 

“If she felt the PM was getting all his advice from one side and it wasn’t doing the party any good, she may have felt she had to say something.”

Judges to probe Carrie Symonds' influence on badger cull - Farmers Weekly

CREDIT: Shutterstock/Ben Cawthra

The links have called into question the undue influence she is having on the British Prime Minister and Her Majesty’s Government’s decisions on major Geo-Political situations, that have a massive ripple effect on Britain on the world stage, and more importantly, the British people.

Who is running Number Ten? Is it our former populist hero who was in-directly elected by millions of Red Wall voters as Prime Minister with a huge majority last December, or is it a Clinton-linked Globalist? 


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