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UKIP in Wales is set unveil its “people powered manifesto” for the upcoming Senedd election, branding it the “bravest ever manifesto for moving Wales forward” on Tuesday. 

Unveiling the manifesto, Neil Hamilton told Politicalite: “This programme of policies will be the bravest manifesto ever set out for moving Wales forward.  By transferring powers away from politicians and directly to the people, this is truly a people powered  manifesto.

“Today, devolution is a one way process. The train of devolution keeps on moving in only one  direction – towards independence. Whilst millions are wasted on vanity projects and politicians sit on  the Senedd gravy train, the people of Wales struggle to make ends meet.

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“Since the establishment of the Senedd, Wales has gone backward in every meaningful sense. As a  result of Labour’s One-Party State, we have become the poorest nation with the lowest incomes in  the UK, and consistently remained bottom of the table in the PISA education rankings.

“Wales is a nation with incredible potential. But this is being squandered recklessly by an out-of touch political class in Cardiff Bay and Westminster. UKIP is pledging to take power away from  politicians and put it into the hands of the people of Wales.

“To this end, we are committed to delivering a referendum to scrap the Senedd immediately in the  next term.

“We want to see directly elected health boards and the establishment of self-governing grammar and  free schools to put the responsibility of health and education in Wales in the hands of the people.

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“UKIP is the only party that has set out a comprehensive and positive plan for how Wales will be run  post-devolution. Unlike other parties, we do not want to simply cede all powers to equally distant  political elites in Westminster.

“We are also the only party pledging to put an end to the foolish policy of Wales as a Nation of  Sanctuary for illegal immigrants. With a quarter of people in Wales living in fuel poverty, we must put  our own people first.

“It is time that Wales became the first nation to stand up to politicians. A vote for UKIP in this Senedd  election is a vote to move Wales beyond servitude to a political class that seeks to erase our proud  heritage and stifles Wales’s potential.”


A Referendum to Scrap the Senedd immediately within the next Senedd term. UKIP will be the  first anti-devolution party that will set a firm timeline for scrapping the Senedd. 

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A Positive and Comprehensive Vision for Wales post-Devolution through  

(a) transferring power from politicians to the people through directly elected Health Boards  and  

(b) the commitment to develop more self-governing grammar and free schools 

This puts responsibility for health and education in the hands of the people of Wales rather  than out-of-touch, distant politicians in Cardiff Bay or Westminster. 

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A Sensible Approach to Immigration by following the principle that charity must start at home  and pledging to end the Nation of Sanctuary.  

o The Penally crisis proved that Wales is ill-equipped to be a Nation of Sanctuary. With  around a quarter of people in Wales living in fuel poverty, we must look after our own  people first before opening our doors to the world.  

o UKIP will also pledge to reverse voting rights for non-British citizens in Welsh elections. A Plan to Revive Wales’s Economy by  

cutting VAT on alcohol sold in licensed premises to zero,  

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freezing business rates at zero for at least 12 months,  

creating a £100m refurbishment fund for the Welsh tourism industry and  

designating tax free zones and freeports across Wales to attract investments and tens of  thousands of jobs. The freeport in Teesside is set to provide nearly 20,000 jobs and £1.4BN  in investment. Wales has the capacity to do the same. 

Preserving Welsh Culture & Heritage by  

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o standing up to Marxist organisations who seek to erase our proud history. UKIP would  immediately put an end to the Welsh Government’s audit of statues and street names.





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