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SAURAV DUTT : Jeremy Corbyn’s Trump Boycott Is PURE Hypocrisy

JEREMY Corbyn doesn’t want to share the same table, the same air, the same surroundings of a state banquet dinner with the leader of the free world.

Apparently, Donald Trump is so beyond the pale for Mr Corbyn that he won’t stoop to that level to enable his capriciousness, his misogyny, his evil, corrupt and mendacious political outlook it seems.

But I suppose Barack Obama would have been ideal dinner company it would be safe to conclude? For it wasn’t Trump who destroyed Libya and turned it into a slave and Jihad market for at least seven heavily armed Islamist groups.

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Corbyn would have had no such compunction in sharing a five course dinner with George W Bush or Tony Blair, probably using the occasion to chastise them about Iraq for at least the opportunity beggars opportunity on that front.

They both killed a million people in Iraq, spawned ISIS, cascaded Jihadi death squads in the region but Corbyn would probably still have sat next to them at dinner, since he loves to talk as he believes is appropriate a policy towards Hamas, Sinn Fein and Hezbollah for instance. But Trump no he is beyond the pale.

The consequences of Obama and Clinton’s actions in the Middle East and Africa will be felt long after Donald Trump has left the White House. Where was Corbyn’s call to disavow Obama’s presence on British shores?

If Corbyn wishes to become a Prime Minister one day his puerile, infantile reaction to the democratically elected leader of the free world is absolutely, categorically the wrong thing to do.

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Corbyn has a history of anti-American views that go back decades. He was anti America even under Obama and Clinton but he would still have entertained them. This is the problem. As a potential PM, he already has huge obstacles in building close relations with the US and this is not going to help.

The notion that Trump will be happy to talk to Corbyn one to one, after being snubbed at this reception – it’s beyond ridiculous.

This is the action of a protest voter, not a PM.