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VON DER BIKE: Britain Snubs EU with Post-Corona Alliance with Germany and France 



BORIS Johnson has proposed a global partnership with Emmanuel Macron and Angela Merkel similar to the agreement forged after World War Two in an effort to tackle COVID-19. 

The Telegraph exclusively revealed that UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson, French President Emmanuel Macron, and German Chancellor Angela Merkel have called for the new alliance as they warn that the Pandemic has been “a stark and painful reminder that nobody is safe until everyone is safe”.

The trio call for an end to nationalism and isolationism and vow to embark on a new era of solidarity. 

The new alliance will also be backed by 24 other world leaders and the World Health Organisation. 


They say the Corona recovery is “the biggest challenge to the global community since the 1940s”.

The trio released a statement in major papers across the world and said: “At that time, following the devastation of two world wars, political leaders came together to forge the multilateral system.”

“The aims were clear – to bring countries together, to dispel the temptations of isolationism and nationalism and to address the challenges that could only be achieved together in the spirit of solidarity and co-operation, namely peace, prosperity, health and security.”

A treaty on pandemics “should lead to more mutual accountability and shared responsibility, transparency and co-operation within the international system and with its rules and norms”, the leaders said.


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