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WATCH: POLICE Detain Tommo To PROTECT Muslim Terrorist-Supporters

POLICE forcibly detained activist Danny Tommo yesterday to prevent him from speaking-out against supporters of banned terrorist group Hezbollah.

Tommo was down at the controversial march in London to confront the anti-semitism and terrorist-sympathising sentiments and slogans openly promoted by its thousands of participants. 

Danny Tommo detained by Police at the march.

Taking a camera crew with him, and after questioning various individuals spouting anti-Jewish, pro-Hezbollah messages of hate, Danny found himself on the wrong side of a left-wing-loving law. 

“So yesterday I traveled to London to report on the al Quds March” Tommo told Politicalite. “It became clear very quickly no one was willing to discuss anything about Al Quds or Hezbollah, or even why they were there.”

“I remained respectful at all times; asked simple questions; but throughout my attempt to speak to people, I was assaulted. I was kicked, spat at, and verbally abused.”

“The must shocking part was the police unlawful detained me, as you can see in my video. They Physically detained me, gripping my hands, but failed to tell me why and what I’d done.”

Anti-zionism is often used as a mask for anti-semitism at the marches

Tommo was unable to continue filming and exercising his democratic voice, having to eventually leave the event under threat by the police of being arrested for ‘disturbing the peace’ – whilst hordes of terrorist sympathisers were allowed to march freely around him, spreading division and hatred on one of Britain’s busiest streets. 

Hezbollah, of whom many in the crowd were openly supporting, is a proscribed terrorist organisation, partly for their intentional targeting of innocent children in suicide bomb missions. 

“The police refused to protect my rights” he said. “It’s shocking to say the least.”

“The Jewish community who didn’t know me or why I was there happily spoke about the whole situation. The different groups were totally on a different level.”

The police run-in, however, hasn’t deterred him. 

“I’m looking forward to being in Portsmouth on Wednesday for Trumps visit” he told Politicalite. “The loony left will be out in force in my hometown. It’s going to be special one!”

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