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Raheem Kassam

PUT DOWN: Raheem Kassam Throws Shade At ‘Grotty Old Remainer’ Anna Soubry After She Turns On Young Tories

RAHEEM Kassam took down the Tories resident Remoaner Anna Soubry on Twitter after the MP attacked young political activists.

The MP for Broxtowe in Nottinghamshire, who is allegedly ‘inebriated’ by lunchtime, launching fowl rants at Brexiteers said that Young Tory Activists filling up Tory fringe events were a “problem” because they all “look and sound like mini Moggs.” but Raheem was having none of it.

Soubry, who QUIT the Tory party in the glory days of the 1980s and joined the liberal SDP was then taken down by former Breitbart London editor Raheem Kassam.

He threw some serious shade back calling Sourbry a “grotty old Remainer.”

“What? Well dressed? Well spoken? Polite? Pro democracy? A functioning knowledge of history, constitution, and the classics?”

Adding: “I *love* the irony of a grotty old Remainer MP criticising young people in politics by the way. How the tide has turned!”

It’s not the first time the MP has attacked Mogg. In February this year, the loony liberal called for Prime Minister Theresa May to “stand up to” Brexiteers such as Boris and Mogg and “sling ’em out.” of the Tory party.

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