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RAHEEM KASSAM: Imperialism Caused the Great Wars, Europe Now Says It Wants it Again



AP Photo/Francois Mori, Pool

I WROTE yesterday on the difference between nationalism (which didn’t cause the first and second world wars) and imperialism (which did).

Well, sure enough, just one day after President Emmanuel Macron’s sophistry intended to embarrass President Trump, his Finance Minister has declared that indeed the intention is to turn the European Union into an empire.

In an interview with Germany’s Handelsblatt, Bruno Le Maire admitted: “There will be decisions on 4 December, at the next meeting of Economics and Finance Ministers… [Europe must become an] “empire”.

He elaborated that he saw this as similar to the U.S. and China.


Handelsblatt reported: “He sees this empire as a peace force based on the principles of a constitutional state.”

This is how wars begin.

It is also worth noting President Macron’s divergence from one of his most lauded predecessors, General Charles de Gaulle, who told his men in 1913: “He who does not love his mother more than other mothers, and his fatherland more than other fatherlands, loves neither his mother nor his fatherland”.

That’s nationalism.

This, on the other hand, is a power-grab in an attempt to forge a new imperial force in the world. And France and Germany are once again beginning to grapple over who gets to lead it.


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