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Raheem Kassam

Raheem makes Establishment ‘lose their sh*t’ after defending Tommy Robinson on Radio 4

RAHEEM Kassam appeared on BBC Radio 4 to defend Tommy Robinson and he made the leftie Establishment listeners, including a former UK Diplomat ‘lose their shit’ after he smashed an interview on the Today programme.

Leftists branded Kassam, who is an ex-Mulsim a ‘Far Right Islamophobe’ and one screamed on Twitter “Islamophobes should not be given the oxygen of publicity. Your programme has lost the plot.”

The BBC faced a backlash from Tommy supporters after the programme illustrated the interview using a picture of a Neo-Nazi golden Dawn rally picture on Twitter and incorrectly called Tommy the ‘leader of the EDL.’

Tommy has not been involved in the EDL since 2013 after it was infiltrated by Neo-Nazi’s and real nasty far-right activists. The BBC’s own Emily Maitlis reported this fact two weeks ago on Newsnight.

Kassam mentioned he had spoken to Mr Robinson and he was confident he would not be returning to prison.

Former UK diplomat Arthur Snell tweeted: “Complain to ⁦BBC News about Radio 4 Today decision to interview Raheem Kassam about a technical legal question relating to Tommy Robinson.”

Mr Kassam received some support with one Twitter user tweeting “Never realised just how close-minded and “safe space-y” Leftist Radio 4 listeners were! Is this how you lot always react when you’re faced with different opinions? Even if you find views hateful, you can’t even bring yourselves to hear them so to know what they are? Snowflakes!”

Carl Holt congratulated Raheem and said: “I must congratulate you on a brilliant interview on bbc radio 4 , but must thank @BBCr4today for giving you a platform about time we can have a discussion about Islam without being slammed as far right or facist ! Islam is a massive problem in this country!”

Simon said: “@RaheemKassam gave a 1st class interview on Radio 4 today. He held his own and countered the Bias BBC narrative.”

It’s about time the BBC made lefties spit out their coffee by giving a voice to ALL sides of the political spectrum and not just the middle-class lefty audience that Radio 4 appeals too.

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