GROOMING GANGS? WHAT GROOMING GANGS? Journalist DENIES there is a problem with Muslim Rapists

A METRO journalist has openly denied the religious and ethnic origins of the perpetrators of grooming gangs, leading to much backlash online.

In an article, titled ‘The majority of sexual offenders are white men – there is no Muslim problem with sexual grooming’ released as part of the Metro newspaper’s The State Of Racism series journalist Faima Baker argues that the whole problem of Muslim grooming gangs ‘is specifically being used to shut down important discussions of Islamophobia’.

Whilst she admits that it’s ‘difficult to measure the ethnicity of sexual offenders’, she claims that the fact that given 85-90% of the offenders of sexual activity are white males, that it wasn’t a ‘Muslim problem’.

The article ignores the Quilliam Foundation’s research that 84% of the convictions of grooming gangs since 2005 have been people of ‘Asian’ background.

She then complains that complaining about this very important problem was pandering to ‘racist stereotypes of Muslim men as threatening and regressive’ and that it was being focused on so much as the victims were often ‘white, working-class girls and women’, complaining that if Asian and Muslim people had been victims, the outrage wouldn’t have been the same.

The article also ignores that many of the victims of these gangs were also young Sikh girls and women, of which has led many in that community to warn about the problem.

While acknowledging the terrible events of Rochdale and Rotherham, she claims that the victims were treated as they were because of ‘classism and misogyny’ – without any evidence, which is at odds from the facts that they were often targeted for being what the groomers felt was ‘white slags’ and ‘kafir’, as they were white girls.

She then discusses how ‘whiteness so often goes unchecked and… an invisible default’, that the only commonality between these people was their ‘crimes’ and that Islamic terrorism receives 357% more media attention than white terrorism – which given that most terrorism worldwide is Islamic, there is a reason for that.

She ends the article complaining about supposedly racist the UK is, all the while stating that while ‘these gangs deserve all our condemnation for the crimes they commit’, it shouldn’t be framed as a ‘Muslim problem’, as the data doesn’t support that (which is wrong).

She was rightly criticised for this, with many people pointing out that her research was flawed, and that she was being ignorant. This included commentary from YouTube user We Got A Problem who accused Bakar of ‘race baiting’

Twitter user Classically Liberal who complained that ‘constant bleating about Islamophobia’ allowed such events to go ahead in the first place.

Brexit Alliance London Assembly member David Kurten who called it ‘deplorable’ and ‘beyond belief’ and Quilliam Foundation head Maajid Nawaz who highlighted that the problem was as bad as it was because of the proportionality of the ethnicity involved.

This isn’t the first time someone has attempted to downplay the grooming gang epidemic, with Byline Times reporter C. J. Werleman blatantly denying that such gangs existed at all, and others simply ignoring the problem altogether.

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