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ABOUT TIME! Maggie Oliver Praises Decision To Remove Groomers UK Citizenship 



GROOMING Gang Police whistleblower Maggie Oliver praised a decision to remove British Citizenship from a trio of three vile Pakistani grooming perpetrators. 

Oliver, who exposed the failures of Police forces in Rochdale is a former Police officer and Detective Constable with the Greater Manchester Police.

She took to Twitter and said: “All I can say is… about bloody time!!”

“Millions in taxpayers money as they fought extradition … & just 2 months ago Khan actually came face to face with his victim in Rochdale …. in unsupervised contact with a young child! It beggars belief!!!”


“Three members of a notorious grooming gang will be stripped of their British citizenship following a court ruling.”

Abdul Aziz, Adil Khan and Qari Abdul Rauf were among nine jailed for crimes including rape and trafficking of girls as young as 13 in Rochdale, in 2012.

Oliver also slammed the Government for covering up the Grooming Gang report stating the decicion now meant it was no longer ‘party political’ writing: “The latest government decision not to publish evidence of research into the grooming gangs evidenced in my previous post shows that this is not a party political issue…. but it’s definitely a pattern of secrecy….which we must challenge!”

In 2015 a ruling suspended their citizenship in a decision backed by former Home Secretary Theresa May but the groomers appealed the decision. 

The Pakistani nationals should not remain British.


Court of Appeal judges rejected their challenge. The ruling means they could be deported.

At the ruling Lord Justice Sales said: “Given the extremely serious nature of the offending by each appellant, there is no good ground for calling that conclusion into question.”

Aziz, Khan and Rauf were given jail sentences of between six and nine years in 2012 but have since been released on licence and one victim had seen their perpetrator. 

Lord Justice Sales said the men were motivated by “lust and greed” which amounted to “serious organised crime” and that stripping them of citizenship was “conducive to the public good”.

“All the men treated the girls as though they were worthless and beyond all respect,” he added.


While the decision paves the way for the government to deport them at the end of their sentences, they would have a further legal right to appeal and the process could take months.

A Home Office spokeswoman told the BBC: “This was an appalling case. We welcome the court’s finding and will now consider next steps.”

More follows.

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