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ANOTHER ONE: Multiple Muslim Suspects Appear in Court over Grooming Scandal in Huddersfield

MULTIPLE suspects have appeared before Kirkless Magistrates Court accused of raping underage British girls.

Multiple counts of rape on females under the age of 16 over a span of 7 years and some appeared via video link from prison whilst others were bailed which is filling me with hope that these atrocities are starting to be finally tackled.

What overshadows the event of these 2 days is there are 2 small groups of people, “right” and “left” as far as I’m concerned people that are deemed left wing are against paedophiles, right wing is exactly the same and most of the world is, but this is nothing to do with being “racist” why are there are left supporters there is crazy.

There are families affected by this so there is an obvious reason for backlash, especially when this happened over a 7 year period, but what does this mean for the “left”? do they associate with cruel actions of a minority? I certainly hope not but what are they there for and who are they supporting?

To find an article from the BBC, I had to type Huddersfield into their search engine just to find it as it wasn’t covered on their main page, just some knock-off rubbish photo’s of some Russian, they didn’t say any names until The Daily Mirror reported it, the media giants try to avoid this issue especially when it involves people associated with Islam, when these vile people have Muhammad in their names, they have come from Islam, this fictional character is a “prophet” written about in the Qur’ran, he married an 8-year-old Ayesha, this is what their “prophet” did, therefore “I didn’t know it was illegal” is an attempted get out of free jail card, now DO NOT draw Muhammad you’re not allowed.

Obviously, it’s racist to question there fantasy book, maybe it’s racist to assume they all work as taxi drivers and in kebab shops, or maybe that’s where the police need to target and track to rid England of this evil Islamic paedophiles problem.

The mainstream media will call them “Asian grooming gangs” but I honestly have never known a Chinese, Japanese or Korean man named Muhammad. I can see this problem being tackled a lot more since the formation and mass marches of the EDL some 10/11 years ago.

These men all covered their faces before they entered court, I feel their names and faces should be blown all over a street in mass execution style but that would be the Islamic tradition, but I feel there is no right way to deal with these evil and cruel people, when politicians celebrities and now “Muslims” can do these horrific crimes and it be placed under a huge rug and forgotten about and MAYBE jail time there is no hope for the victims of one of the worse acts of humankind.

It’s not racist to question a religions purposes, the Vatican needs investigating a lot more, the Catholic Church needs to be seriously looked into especially in Ireland and what goes on with Muslim men grooming, drugging and raping young vulnerable white girl needs to acknowledge.

There is absolutely no justice for victims of rape, as a society we can do a hell of a lot more, in my opinion, there should be 24hr emergency rape shelters for victims to escape to, you struggle when rape happens, there is evidence on your body so if a rape was to happen the evidence is there for justice, rape alarms should be issued FREE to females, there are watches that monitor your heartbeat I’m sure they can monitor when someone is fighting from a situation, the rape crisis number is 0808 802 9999.

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