COVER UP: Rape Gang Review ‘Not In Public Interest’ To Release Say Officials

A HOME Office review in to Britian’s grooming gang epidemic that has swept the breadth and depth of the country will not be released, the Government has said. 

Why? Because apparently it isn’t in the ‘public interest’ in order to do so, despite the last two Tory Home Secretaries vowing to do so.

Sajid Javid and Priti Patel have said they would crack down on the epedemic that still ravages Britain, with the ‘Lyin Saj’  claiming that he would do something about it promising that he wouldn’t ‘let cultural or political sensitivities get in the way of understanding the problem and doing something about it’, with both meeting up with MPs in towns affected by the rape gangs crisis in an attempt to tackle it.

According to a letter sent to The Independent website, the report shall be used for internal government policy, but shall not be released to the public. It apparently isn’t in public interest, mainly because it affects ‘government policy’, and shall therefore not be available for public use.

The latter also stated that: ‘One of the main purposes of the exemption is to protect the ‘safe space’ necessary for ministers and officials to consider policy options in private without risk of premature disclosure,” it added. 

Disclosure would risk pre-empting decisions still to be made by ministers. In addition, the information could be misleading if made public and used out of context… We recognise that this topic in general and any insight and learning are matters of strong public interest, although it does not necessarily follow that it is in the public interest to disclose any specific information relating to it.’

As one could gather, there has been much outcry from this progress, both from victims of these grooming gangs and high-profile figures involved in the scandal, which has affected towns from Rotherham to Telford, and continues to be exposed to this day.

Sammy Woodhouse, a prominent survivor of the Rotherham rape scandal admitted disappoint, feeling as though the Home Office should have done something, stating it was a part of ’empty promises, all the time’.

An anonymous woman, also a survivor from Rotherham, expressed anger, told Politicalite that she was ‘disappointed and frustrated’ with the lack of the report’s release, feeling that it was used as an excuse to ignore the religious and racial elements of the crimes and that it stopped further prevention from these things happening again in the future. The aforementioned Champion expressed similar disappointment with the lack of progress made here.

So now the biggest socio-cultural scandal of 21st century Britain continues, ignored and not acted upon, for the sake of political correctness. Hopefully justice shall be served one day.

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